A cautionary and embarassing tale

I have a WR250R adventure bike. Have used it for a couple of activations. The weight in the pack of the radio stuff is not ideal for bike riding but if the road/trail is not that hard then its a nice alternative and adds another sub hobby to SOTA.


Great story. I see this as an issue of how much “margin” you have in your activation. Certainly, for many activations, a 2WD vehicle is just fine. The further you get off the main roads, the more capable of a vehicle you should have. When you add in the “oh, I think I’ll try a summit that I did not really plan for” that raises the stakes.

This applies to the hiking/climbing part of the journey as well. How many miles and vertical feet can you normally handle on a good day? Can you push yourself to do more? But what if you are having a bad day (physically) or the weather is abnormal? Is 2 liters of water sufficient, or do I need more?

I’ve been trying to train myself to take a bit more gear, a more capable vehicle, etc. in case I encounter unforeseen obstacles, equipment failure, adverse weather or a change of plan.

More margin in the system.

73, Bob K0NR

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