A BIG thank you

Yes a big thanks to all of you for making my SOTA expedition a success
Of course the Station manager had a big input as this was also our holiday
Zero to 50 activation points in 11 weeks!
The Weather played a big part as it was planned for 100 …
Still safety comes first. Always another day
Great to talk to so many regulars,
I will send QSL to all via RSGB with a special card

Thanks again
Will be back in the UK for the next backpackers 144Mhz contest

PS thanks to SOTA as well a donation has already been sent


In reply to G7KXZ:

Hello Kevin, a thank you to you for the summits and pleased to have caught you on some of them 8)

You come back to a summer UK (well at least today).

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

In reply to G7KXZ:

Hi Kevin;

Thanks for all the summits, I think I worked you on the first and last and quite a few in between.

Don’t bother sending a card to me, I haven’t sent in any envelopes for 40 plus years.

Hope to work you again from a SOTA summit in the in the UK when the sun stops messing up the inter G NVIS propagation.

73 de Ken G3XQE