A 70cms HH for £8

“God Forbid, a WS19!”

Funny you say that Brian, cos I am planning to activate GW / NW-062 with one when the summit list resets next year !

The activation is being planned currently and I hope to set a date, power is the biggest issue rather then weight. Going to be using the High Power unit as well. A fully original WS19 setup complete with ground plane and stick antenna.

Currently two marine diesel engine starter batteries are going to be used weigh nearly 50 Kgs each ! so with all the 19 set accessories its going to take a few trips to the car. Just doing it because I can, and because for a restored 19 set it works really well.

I bought one of the Baofengs last week, works well and It seems to have a fairly good front end when brought near a transmitting mast I was still able to receive. Model UV-5RA. Solid construction, metal battery compartment for £23 its pretty good. Works well enough for SOTA. Maybe they have improved ?


70cm FM Fun Day?

73 Chris M0RSF

You take your TR-3200 out Chris and you might find someone working you with an FT-790!

Being one of those who does not let dust settle on gear I do not use I am afraid I won’t be able to partake in the “Vintage Electric Handbag Fun Day”. I either sell it on the ever popular Bravenet G3CWI Amazing Fleamarket or on e-bay. There are always buyers out there if you price it right.

73 Phil

Different strokes, Phil. I do a lot of my HF chasing with a vintage TS-520S simply because I think it is more fun to drive. Similarly I picked up the FT-290R1 and gave it TLC because I remember having a lot of fun with one, and it would pay for its space by being a good standby rig for activations. It can also monitor the FM calling channel at home while the 817 monitors 5 megs. Anyway, you can still participate by working the vintage geared activations!