A 2nd SOTA Mountain Goat for René HB9PIM

Dear all

It’s not very often that I can congratulate one of my fellows live on 2 m FM when they reach a next SOTA Mountain Goat level. René HB9PIM is one of these exceptions. He was on Mt. Pilatus today, our local 8-pointer nearby Lucerne. 59+ both ways. 2 m FM is his preferred channel to talk to his chasers.

René loves Summits on the Air also 59+. He is back now after a longer period of rest and enjoys the mountain experience more than any goats. His YouTube videos show this clearly when he takes us out to well-known or secluded summits. Most summits are available now on his channel providing insights for any possible followers. Some of these videos also show how to cope with rain or fog.

René’s second Goat took him another 1 ½ years, so his SOTA log shows an impressive list of summits conquered on 1-2 hikes per week, frequently joined by his daughter Sabrina, HB3XTZ.

So congratulations also here on this channel, René! Keep your appetite and your friendly way to share with us the delights of your tours – enjoy!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congratulations René for your 2nd Mountain Goat!

Your videos are very informative and a welcome source of inspiration before activating a new summit.

It’s always great to have a 2m FM S2S with you and Sabrina @HB3XTZ, and I hope for many more.

73 Stephan

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Congratulations, René! I like your videos, and have used some of them for my activation plannings. Glad to hear that it was your MG activation when I chased you from home office. Thanks for all the QSOs.

73 Jens HB9EKO


Rene @HB9PIM also from me congratulations on reaching the second mountain goat. Have fun further in the hobby and see you soon.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Thank you all very much for your nice words. Since René is not registered here, i forwarded the messages to him, he is very grateful.

I’m happy our videos are used as a source of information in the tour planning. René does almost all of the recording and I’m editing the videos afterwards.

New videos are coming soon. (Most of the past activations were filmed already, we are planning to record some new summits very soon)

Have a nice week
Sabrina HB3XTZ