9V Singapore activation


I will be in Singapore next week. I will activate the only “summit” 9V/SG001 with my temporary call 9V1BV. I will also activate some parks on the POTA program.
I will be active CW on 40/30 and 20m (perhaps 15m) with a QMX 5W. It would be great if I could make a QSO with a European station ( with other stations also of course !!) … Do you have any advice to help me be successful in this target ( UTC Time, Band …) ??

73, Nico F5MDY


Depending on the time of day the summit can be short of room, but aim to be looking for chasers in VK and JA and choose bands accordingly, 20 and 15 may be your best options. The summit is actually lower than many of the surrounding apartment blocks so VHF is tough unless you have a sked lined up.

Reach out to Harish 9V1HP who is the AM who may be able to help. Tell him I said hi!




For what it’s worth.
This afternoon we had an activation in 9m2 which is a bit to the North of Singapore. 40 m was no go here and 15 m initially was very scratchy. But by 0725 signals were good copy here and I worked both operators. I had to bail out so maybe they got better or maybe they dissapated.

Earlier in the afternoon I worked a few Eu countries, including France on FT8,again on 15 m.

If you put up an alert I and other VKs could be listening.

Contacts to JA on 15 m should be reasonably easy.

EU seems best here about half an hour before local sunset.


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Any plans to visit 9M2? We have 373 SOTA summits you can choose.


Thank you for these information … I plan to be active next Monday. Sunset is 19h15 (UTC+8) but the park will close à 19h … I will start at 17h. We will see …

73 Nico

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I have got a short agenda, unfortunately … but thank you for your offer !!
Best 73 Nico F5MDY - 9V1BV

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Sorry Nico,I missed you.

You were much later than I expected and I wasn’t looking.

I hope you got some good contacts.