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9H3HD - 9H/MA-001

Hi all,

Notice a bit of confusion during my activation today, i posted a SPOT with 3BD. Big fingers! Should have been 3HD as above. Sorry for the confusion, but, was sending 9H3HD when working stations - i think - hi!

Jack :blush:

Thanks for the explanation, Jack.
I had been listening on the frequency for a while not being able to copy you at all. I was on the speaker. At one point, I had the feel that some of your transmission was being heard and I put my earbuds on. Then I heard you calling 9H3… but, honestly, with the excitement of finally copying you and having a probably very small time window to make QSO with you, I didn’t pay attention to the rest of the callsign and I simply trusted what I was seeing on SOTAwatch. We made the QSO with some difficulties, needing a repeat of my RST because the QSB made me miss it on the first go. The second go was perfectly readable and I logged the QSO, but your signal here was extremely weak and sometimes disappearing in QSB. After having logged our contact, I checked for the operator’s name on the SOTAwatch spot, because I usually like writing the operators name in the log, so it will come up automatically the next time I log that same callsign, but it wasn’t shown there, so I went to check for 9H3BD on QRZ.com.
To my surprise, I found that the name was Ignacio Cascante and his QTH was in Pamplona, Spain. What???
Further reading of that QRZ.com page showed me that this was the callsing my SOTA friend and neighbour in Pamplona used some years ago while he was on holidays there.
I found extremely weird that the 9H authorities had issued that same callsing to another visitor several years later and I was going to look for the activators log once it had been uploaded to the database in order to try to understand what it really happened.
Now you have spared me the time and effort of checking the databse activator log. Thank you. Everything is clear now.
Thanks for the difficult QSO and I wish you a lot of fun and enjoyment during your holidays in 9H.


Good morning Guru,

Good to work you yesterday, and sorry about the confusion. It was difficult to use my mobile in the strong sun and I’m pretty hopeless with the inbuilt small keyboard along with ‘big’ fingers is not a good combination.

Lovely location looking out over the cliffs on to the Med. On the downside there was a strong breeze coming up over the cliffs and it was difficult to hear the incoming signals with my small earphones. But overall a great day out and bus trip from Valletta.

73 till our next QSO