As a few of you know, I recently activated 9H/MA-001. Prior to my visit to Malta, I checked a CEPT listing and believed I was able to activate with a 9H/ prefix. Further analysis has revealed that CEPT Regulation T/R 61-01 has still to be signed off by the Maltese administration. Unfortunately, this activation will now be regarded as invalid with no points being awarded.

If any activators are planning a future activation in a CEPT country, please don’t get caught out like I did. The correct ERO listings and updates can be found on the following website and be sure to read the small print.


Hopefully I will be able chase another activator on this summit before I can return and activate it legally.


In reply to MM0ROV:

You must feel gutted, Mike, but kudos to you for being so open about it.


Brian G8ADD

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You must feel gutted, Mike

There is a well-known street in Malta called “The Gut”.


Walt (G3NYY)