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9A/ZH-002 Sljeme, first 9A summit on-air

Five days since 9A joined SOTA and not a single summit activated yet! This was unbearable so I decided to travel 2 and half hours to a drive-on summit 9A/ZH-002 Sljeme, a well known ski resort center near Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. Parked my car on a parking place some 200 m far from the summit and walked into activation zone. There is a huge communication tower on the summit and a nice restaurant, which was closed. I found a comfortable place with a suitable wooden bench in the shadow of the tower and set up my station. I started my activation on 40 m cw. As expected, there was a big pileup and it was very exciting to manage it. When 40 m cw pile-up dried out, I continued with all other bands up to 10 meters.
Many thanks to all chasers who called me today. Special thanks to Peter OK2BTK/P, Heinz OE5EEP/P, Franz DL3RBF/P, Paul HB9DST/P, Markus DL/HB9BRJ/P, Kurt HB9AFI/P, Roman DL3TU/P and Marko S57MS/P for s2s contacts. And it was my great pleasure to work five 9A chasers (7 qso’s). It was a great day, very nice sunny weather, beautiful nature with beautiful autumn colors and 163 qso’s in my log.

73, Mirko S52CU

Few pictures from the summit:


Good job Mirko. Hope to accompany you on some 9A summits.

Great to get you today Mirko for my first 9A and i hope many more best wishes

Hello Mirko,
Thanks very much for the time you put in to do the activation. Thank you also for operating in both SSB and CW modes and many bands - it gives everyone a chance.

I was very happy to catch you and later Marko when he was on 030. The weather at the summit looks very good unlike here - it has been raining all week.

Best wishes

Big thank you for doing what you did.

I also noted you spent lot of time up there and floated around the bands and modes giving all a fighting chance to catch you as many of us did.

There another person on 9A/ZH-001 this morning, he bit early on air and could hear him well on 40m 5/8 shame not got enough power to reach him back. Thinks pushing me luck at 1500km plus on 40m on day circuit. But gave it a go any hows.

Thanks again


Thanks Mirko.
Looks like a smart summit!
I missed you earlier on CW so had a frantic search around to find my microphone!
Good to see 9A taking off!
Thanks to you and Zoli, that’s another association ticked off and in the bag :smile:

73 Pete

Hello Cap,
Yes it would be great do do a joint activation of 9A summit. Last year on activation of Debela peč S5/JA-029 we talked about when Croatia will join SOTA. Now 9A is part of SOTA, and big thanks to SOTA MT and to the team who did the hard work. I am looking forward to meet you and do some S5 and 9A activation.
73 Mirko


Mirko, congratulation on first activation of 9A SOTA!!!
Great job!

73 de 9a6ndd

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