9A SOTA ACTIVITY DAY - 04 November 2018

After 3 years of 9A in SOTA, We introduce 9A ACTIVITY DAY,

It will be held two times a year, … in November every year celebrating the entrance of 9A in SOTA program (anniversary) and in June every year when we will have our national 9A SOTA meeting and will also operate from the summits that are not easy accessible

Hope to meet you on the bands, … look for us on 04. Nov 2018 from 09.00UTC-11.00UTC official time (there will be activity before and after indicated time, as the summits will be reached by operators), … for now there will be following stations ON AIR: 9A6CW/P, 9A5YY/P, 9A3ST/P and 9A2GA/P

Stay tuned!

73 from Boris 9A2GA


Eh, da vas je još malo više domaćih aktivatora :wink:
73 i čujemo se na bandu
Mario DJ2MX (9A4MX,NØMX,E73DX)

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Hello dear friends,

The following stations announced the activity on 9A SOTA ACTIVITY DAY 04.11.2018:


Please follow the sotawatch for details and make our 9A SOTA anniversary day full of nice contacts,

73 de 9A2GA

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Coming to Croatia for the weekend. Will be glad to join the activators team for the Day.
CUL. 73!
Zoran / 9A/E70AA/P

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Hello Zoran,

TNX for paricipating in our activity, You are wellcome!

73 de Boris 9A2GA

73! Meni je aktivacija prošla super. Vrijeme proljetno! 9A S2S sa Ante 9A8RA/p (DH-024) i Boris 9A2GA/p (9A/ZH-031) na 40m i Željko 9A3DZK/p (9A/DH-001) na 2m. Sve zajedno 50 veza. Setup: trap 3 band EFHW i 10W RS-918.
Na povratku sam napravio snimak gpx file.Staza nije markirana i lako je zalutati u neprohodnu makiju…

73 ! i nadam se iduči puta sa više 9A stanica!

9a6cw / Ivica

Sorry for my failed activation of the summits 9A/DH-072 and 9A/DH-061 and hence unsuccessful participation in the 9A SOTA Activity Day.
I’d forgotten to take my battery charger to my Croatia trip and then the transatlantic event on Saturday totally emptied my already half-full battery (or half-empty one, if you prefer that point of view). My hopes that 8 Varta 1.5V alkaline batteries can drive my FT-817 for two 10-minute activations turned out to be just a wishful thinking: I could not complete a single CQ with this source of power.
My apologies to the chasers who possibly waited for my signal. Will be back to the bands soon, guys, to make this right…
Zoran / E70AA

Hello SOTA friends,

Our 1st 9A SOTA ACTIVITY DAY is over.
Six stations from 9A operated during the event on HF and VHF:

9A6CW/P from 9A/DH-078 (Trapošnik) 49 QSO
9A5YY from 9A/ZH-028 (Kuna gora) 35 QSO
9A3ST/P from 9A/PH-038 (Goli) 52 QSO
9A8RA/P from 9A/DH-024 (Zelenika) 57 QSO
9A3DZK/P from 9A/DH-001 (Dinara) 8 QSO
9A2GA/P from 9A/ZH-045 (Vlajnić brdo) and 9A/ZH-031 (Mali Petrovac) 49 QSO

We would like to thank all chasers and activators who contacted us, or just tried to contact us and made our 9a SOTA Anniversary day full of happiness.

Till the next 9A SOTA ACTIVITY DAY in June 2019.,

73 de Boris 9A2GA

Boris 9A2GA/P @ SOTA 9A/ZH-031 Mali Petrovac
during the 1st 9A SOTA ACTIVITY DAY

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