9A/PH-052 (Sveti Vid)

Set out this morning for Sveti Vid after a unusally hot night,bately slept 2 hours but still decided to go since in the early morning it isnt that hot,on descent it was about 30°C at 10am local time.
From the parking at the side of the road it took me about an hour do ascend,the path goes inbetween some sheep “pastures” and by pastures i mean rocky enclosures with plenty of trees and sparse foilage typical of Croatian islands.Going out of the enclosures the rocky path contiues in a slight ascent towards the summit which reminds me of the Moons landscape a bit :smile:
After i summited i i set up my equipment and started to qso.
First contact was LB4FH/P which was S2S to LA/BU-093,sofar the farthest contact I’ve made with my (tr)uSDX. Made it even into the UK.
In total i made 14 qso’s 13 7MHz,1 2M.
Tried calling cq a few times on 2 meters but no luck.
After the heat picked up ive packed up and went to descend which took another hour.
Sofar I’m pleased with the results,as the last 2 activations I’ve used my (tr)uSDx QRP rig battery powered and the Falcon Outback 1899 antenna.


Hi Karlo,

Nice takeoff :+1: and nice photos !
Thanks for the QSO

73, Éric


You don’t need to write many words of description with pictures like those! :slight_smile:


Cheers Eric,nice to have heard you on the air!


Cheers bud,aye it is a sight,next activation I plan to do is near some wind turbines,dunno if it will play havoc with me signal but Ill see.

Karlo 9A3BKF