9A Islands SOTA Tour

In period from 24. april to 5. may 2017, I will try to activate the next Croatian summits:

26/4 9A/PH-035, Televrina
27/4 9A/PH-058, Grgoščak
29/4 9A/DH-154, Veliki Bokolj
29/4 9A/DH-153, Gradina
01/5 9A/DH-155, Lergova gradina -
02/5 9A/PH-057, Veli brig

We traveled by bike the Adriatic islands, so this is just a rough plan. All depends on the time, weather conditions and the difficulty of the route (our fatigue).

In bicycle travel bag I had: FT-817, inverted V (40 & 30m), Li-Po, CW only.

For report and photos see : http://s53x.m2b.si

73 de 9A/S53X/P, Milos