9 days in the High Country

In late March/Early April I managed to sneak away from family life and spend 9 days tackling some of the high point summits in VK3, and have it line up with the VK3 Mt Hotham SOTA weekend.

Collected 186 points, which given I had a total of 149 when I left after about 2 years of activating I’m not at all upset about.

If it were a shorter trip, I’d copy it here, but it wasn’t, so have the full version at 9 days in the Victorian High Country


Great full report Alan with terrific photos. Glad you enjoyed the weekend.

Geoff vk3sq

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Great write-up - I suffer from the same focus on radio and not eating or even drinking enough…

Agree re groundsheet - find something annoyingly bright - a bit heavy for your needs but I use a blue tarp - great if I need to indicate where I am too.

Are you an IOS or Android person? I simply can not recommend enough cheap android with no sim running @VK3ZPF 's portalog - I forgot the one once and man the reminder of paper logging ensured I never did again.