84th Mt. Ezkaba EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 24/10/2020

A new activation of Mt. Ezkaba / San Cristóbal today and it was a very good one!
This mountain is my training field. I hiked in 38 minutes and 44s today while wearing one of those devices controlling the heartbeat. The overall hearbeat rate was 154 with a max peak of 168 beats/min during the 1m 24s I exceded my own limit of 165 beats/minute set by (220 - my age). This device tells me I burnt 535 Kcal equivalents to 24g of fat.
I setup in a different location today further away from the big antennas in order to get rid of some QRM and also trying to be in a better orientation to favour reaching to NorthAmerica in better conditions than last Sunday.
The WX was great and I enjoyed this view of SOTA Mt. Ortxikasko EA2/NV-106:

In this view towards the NorthWest, you can see my setup:

In this one we see the SOTA Mt. Harriaundi EA2/NV-108 on the left hand side:

The wooden pole of this warning sign served me perfectly to keep my fishing rod high and vertical.

This is a close look of the endfed wire connection to the 9:1 unun:

The activation had not been alerted and I raised an alert right before starting to call CQ because I wanted to be spotted by RBNHole.
With the great WX and the people fear about a possible new lockdown in a few days, there were many people walking on the summit around the not anymore in use ancient military fort and later prision, so I decided that I would only work CW today.
My 1st QSO was logged at 10h07 utc and the last one at 13h58, which means roughly 3h50 minutes active. Amazingly, after 108 QSOs, the LiFePo4 battery was still at a healthy 12.7V when I went QRT.
Most of my operation was in running mode on 20m CW. I only QSYed for 1 S2S with Mikel @EA2CW on 30m :+1: and another one with Roger @F5LKW on 40m, who kindly asked for /P only when Manuel @EA2DT warned him about my presence after my repeated, unsuccessful S2S, S2S, S2S in the middle of the big pileup he had. Thanks, Manuel for your help and Roger for the S2S :blush:
I also QSYed for a brief while to 17m, where I logged 3 QSOs.
This means I made 103 QSOs on 20m CW out of the 108 QSOs total, 12 of which were S2S and 5 were DX with the USA.
You can see it on the map:

I had a lot of fun and as always, I want to say thanks dear chasers for your calls and QSOs.
I’ll be looking forward to copying you all again soon from a summit.




Hi Guru,
Thank you for nice report and S2S as well :wink:


73, Jarek


Hi all,
I’ve just created and loaded to SMP my usual track from the parking spot to the very summit, in case someone feels like trying it someday.