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80m-sota in the next months?


after the last sota-activations from dm-bw , i see that 80m in moment not easy.so i plan to reduce my antenna setup in spring/summer to a : dipol 2 X 7m and b: 10m longwire / vertical.the past activations i made only 1 or two qso´s on 80m and i must build big antennas for this qso-rate :wink: next months i plan to be more qrv on 18 and 14mhz . antenna is now better also for 40 / 30m.at the weekend i try first time a simple dipol 2 x 7m with symetric feeder and z-match.hope HB9-chasers get me on 40m,but if not i try to tune the antenna to 80m-band for short time at the end of the activations…sorry for low signal at the last activations,but i worked with 10m-Longwire only for short time after the work.A View on sunday on sotawatch seems , there are many sota-activations.maybe possible the one or other s2s. maybe with F ? :wink: lets look on sunday.WX-forecast says sunshine pure …will activate 2 or 3 summits in the black-forest

vy 73 klaus


In reply to DF2GN :

Your antenna gave good signals on 30m (579) and 40m (559) this morning Klaus.

Your efforts to provide a good signal on all bands are really appreciated.

73 Roy G4SSH


In reply to DF2GN :
Klaus - your sigs on 10MHz at 1136 were sehr ausgezneichnet - peaking 10 dB over S9 - great stuff!
73 de CRIS


Hi all,
and thanks for the contacts today.on the first summit dm/bw-186 conditions aren´t so good.sometimes deep qsb on 40m.on the second summit bw-174 conditions a little bit better.on bw-186 i worked 51 qso´s and on second summit 46 qso´s . also s2s with HB9EAA/P - F/G3VQO/P - SV2LLB/P?? - HA2VR/P - G1INK/P and 2E0HJD/P. New antenna working vy fine on 30m i think,because signal-strenghts are very good today.think i will more qrv on 30m-cw next times,again.les qrm and mostly good condiotions to uk.on 20m only a few qso´s . as a non regular chaser RA3AL/QRP calls me on 14.060. first time in sota a mobil-station calls me on 40m today.OH1LWZ/M with 579qsb.My sota-qso.nr. 4000 i made today with G0VYR . All in all now 4030 sota-qso´s . The activation ending today with 2019 qso´s made in 2007 with HA5TI . No i thinking about a second-antenna or a mix from 30m and 80m.Because i don´t want to forget my regular chasers on 80m from HB9.and the optimized antenna for 30m dosen´t working on 80m-band…Lets see :wink:

vy 73 Klaus