80m SOTA Activation of Titterstone Clee Hill (G/WB-004)

Part of mine & @G0POT 5 summit challenge we completed yesterday.

This clip features Karl @2E0FEH coming through very nicely on 80m with his 10w :smile:

James M0JCQ


Total pleasure to work you both yesterday on 80m my first Sota contacts on 80m. Well happy

karl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Excellent stuff, also my first SOTA contact (or any contact for that matter!) on 80M :smile:
Never mind that I could have probably seen you with the aid of binoculars from my house, and I was using a cobwebb via an atu (may have been better with a piece of wet string hanging out the back of the rig!) Many thanks for the contact!

I must add the extra wire onto the end of my link dipole and try it myself some time!



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Glad we could work you Karl & Don, to be honest it was the first time I’d ever made any contacts on 80m as well! I’ve had the linked dipole setup for some time on 40/60 & 80m but never given it a go before.

Me and Michael weren’t sure if we’d get any contacts on the band, but decided to experiment as we had a bit of spare time on this our 5th and final summit of the day, glad we did it was nice to do something new!

Of course you can’t always fully extend an 80m dipole on each summit as it needs a bit of space, but we just about managed here on this one and kept it out of harms way!

@M0HCU - If you’d spotted us through the binoculars you would have seen one op having a good time on the mic and the other grimly trying to hold onto the 10m mast in strong wind and snow showers :smile: