80m Eu-USA

I am considering doing a night-time activation on 80m with a view to seeing if any US chasers can hear me. Do any East Coast US chasers have good 80m capabilities? I was thinking of making a video of the activation for my “Radio Adventures” video series.

Has there ever been an 80m S2S from Eu-US I wonder?

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I’ve worked loads of US stations on 80 when I’ve done my overnight backpacking SOTA activations. S2S is more than feasible.


Let us know how you get on, it will help planning for the first “flavour” in January.

I guess you would probably get more potential custom using CW, on phone the only overlap between the USA and the UK band plans is for Extra (and Advanced) class only.

Flavour? What’s that?

The different challenges for next year are being called “flavours”. The first week in January is 160m and 80m.


challenges? what challenges? have i been asleep under a rock?

Some complex series of hoops to fall over next year

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I hope the rock was comfortable!

At the camb shack there is a 20m spider pole running as 1/4 wave on 80m. Works easily into the US barefoot ~100W SSB at the moment 21-22 hrs local time.

I worked a K8 and he was using an inverted V, with 1KW ! but still S8-9.

Definitely worth trying. Space is a little tight on the band at times.


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