8 S2S 144mhz QSO's today at Murugain. Crowding the

Today was a nice day for “sotting” at the Basque Country. I walked up to Murugain EA2/SS-030 near Aretxabaleta, Gipuzkoa, and despite the weather predictions, the sun was heating pretty well, with no trace of clouds, and only a light wind at the summit.
In these optimal condx, just after arrival, I quickly set up the FT-817 and its rubber antenna to find the 144 mhz full of avid activators, from 145.475 up to 145.575mhz
I finally managed to contact with 8 of them across 4 EA2 territories:

  • Iratxe EA2DNO & Alberto EA2DCA at Montejurra EA2/NV-090
  • Antonio EC2AG at Altun EA2/BI-026
  • Juan Carlos EA2EEB at Larrunarri EA2/SS-002
  • Alberto EA2DYS and Roberto EA2DXY at EA2/NV-015
  • Iñigo EA2CQ at Orisol EA2/VI-014 (he was with Cruz EA2EBX but I couldn’t contact him)
  • Salvador EA2OX at Eretza EA2/BI-016

I don’t know if there were more people up over there, but it was definitely the best 144 mhz day I’ve enjoyed untill today.

A fast passing thru by 10 and 18 mhz, as my antenna was not very well set up, gave me some 20-25 QSO’s more, including old known ones as Tonnie PA9CW (nice to meet you again!) and the “always in the front line” Rick N4EX.

73 de Mikel EA2CW
Euskal Herriko Mendiak

In reply to EA2CW:

Gracias Mikel,por tu actividad,y si parece que vuelve a cojer fuerza la actividad Sota en el Pais vasco,yo pude activar 3 este finde entre ella una que se nos hizo la noche bajando,pero no importa lo bueno es disfrutar…

Entre mis contactos 9… S2S…una de ellas EA8/G1INK/P en 12 metros

Saludos EC2AG

Thank you Mikel, for your activity, and if it seems that force returns to take the activity Summit in the Basque Country, I could activate 3 this finde between her one that we lower by night in the night going down, but it does not import the good thing is to enjoy… Between my contacts 9… S2S … one of them EA8/G1INK/P in 12 meters

Saludos EC2AG

In reply to EA2CW:

Ha sido un dia increible.
Yo he hecho un contacto con M0VRL en el locator IO70PO, 864km en VHF
con 20w y antena vertical de 1/4 de onda.
Aparte de los 35 QSO’s y 5 S2S’s, todo VHF.

73 de Juancar EA2EEB

It was an incredible day.
I have made a contact with M0VRL in the locator IO70PO, 864km on VHF,
20w and vertical antenna with 1/4 wave.
Besides the 35 QSO’s and 5 S2S’s, all VHF.

73 de Juancar EA2EEB

In reply to EA2EEB:

Felicidades Juancarlos

y puedo dar fe de tu logro ,estuve escuchandolo como lo hacias,mirare haber si

lo tengo grabado en mi camara…


Congratulations Juancarlos

and I can attest to your achievement, I was listening to it as you did, if you have mirare

I have recorded on my camera …


In reply to EA2EEB:
Uff… just 20 and vertical… FM?
That was a good one!