Any body know anything about this one.

Have i missed something
spotted in cluster and checked out there qrz page

3 day sota event in Algeria 14192 / 7142


Up date some one just asked whats the ref replied tell ya later,s date :scream: that kicked the pile up :slight_smile:

It’s not SOTA and it’s an illegal use of our logo.

Thought so thanks for confirming.


Check the database. You wont find Algeria so it’s not valid.

Also it would have been mentioned in the SOTA news.

Funny enough Andy did that and did it twice again. PLUS bet there using Mains and not battery power as well.


Fri 10:00 7W0A on GM/WS-001 21.290 ssb
ARA Team in SOTA (Posted by 7X2RO)

oh dear


Hello, If you go to the QRZ.COM for 7W0A you will found that:
From January 26th to 28th, 2017

SOTA DXpedition, will be active on ALL MODE


I guess the 2 Russian Op, want to help ARA and try to found Financial help from all mine.
But they should have told before… they dont even respect the rules for activate a Summit!

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I thought April 1st already. Ha, some joke!

No joke its happening. best bit have to await for Sota ref later’s.


What are you on about Karl?

This operation is never, ever going to be valid.

In the photos posted they are dwarfed by surrounding peaks and sitting in some comfort on armchairs in some kind of large building.

And now as soon as the old 7W0A spots get deleted, a new one comes through now. is there anyway we can block these spots from coming through?

Fri 10:25 7W0A on GM/WS-001 (Posted by 7X2RO) 7.140 ssb

Jimmy M0HGY

Removed so not to cause offence to ARA

What a shame they are abusing the programme in this way.

Be in no doubt, as Andy has said, this is NOT valid for SOTA. This “activation” never will be even if an Algerian association ever comes live in the future, whether or not this turns out to be a qualifying summit.

Not a SOTA association, no SOTA reference, no validation that the summit has 150m prominence, no evidence that the operating point is within the 25m activation zone, use of SOTA logo without permission and operating from a building using mains power.

Absolutely NOT SOTA.

The first 4 words of this post are sufficient though to rule it out; the rest is superfluous!

It was ref to what the Sota operator said on air.
Some one ask for the Sota ref ,they said "be given out later’s."
The pile up suddenly died after that


Is this some sort of wind-up?

I can find no reference to 7W0A on QRZ.com.

Walt (G3NYY)

There is a good reason for that, Walt! I raised the matter with the admin of the Zed and they took down the page pending enquiries.


Good work!


The picture on “dx world” clearly showing the sota logo also Brian.