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74th Mt. San Cristóbal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 29/07/2019

A new activation of my local summit this evening ended earlier than expected due to sudden WX change. In a matter of 30 minutes, weather changed from a nice sunny afternoon with some few clouds to a dark grey overcast evening, an increasing wind and rain showers being seen near to my location with high chances to arrive to where I was at.
>Una nueva activación de mi cima local esta tarde terminó antes de lo esperado debido a un repentino cambio de WX. En cuestión de 30 minutos, el tiempo cambió de una agradable y soleada tarde con algunas pocas nubes a un completo nublado gris oscuro, un viento en aumento y borrascas a la vista cerca de mi ubicación con altas probabilidades de que llegasen a donde yo estaba.

I used a diferent rig today. With the poor propagation conditions, I wanted to activate using a bit higher power than the QRP 5W of my usual FT-817, hoping to be heard accross the Pond. My rig today was an IC-706MKII-G and the output power was set to level 5 in the beginning and later slightly reduced to level 4. I estimate this must be around 40W.
The antenna was my usual 10m long endfed as a sloper from the top of my 7m long telescopic fishing rod plus 6m of elevated counterpoise wire.
>Utilicé un equipo diferente hoy. Con las pobres condiciones de propagación, quería activar usando un poco más alta potencia que el QRP de 5W de mi habitual FT-817, esperando ser escuchado al otro lado del charco. Mi equipo hoy fue un IC-706MKII-G y la potencia de salida fue ajustada al nivel 5 en el principio y más tarde ligeramente reducida al nivel 4. Estimo que esto debe de ser alrededor de 40W. La antena fue mi habitual hilo de 10m de largo alimentado en el extremo como una sloper desde lo alto de mi caña de pescar telescópica de 7m de largo, más un cable elevado de 6m de largo de contraantena.

I had planned to work not only 20m CW, but SSB too, as well as 30 and 40m. Unfortunately, the threat of inminent rain approaching made me go QRT after just 13 QSOs on 20m CW. In the log I’ve got 10 QSOs with stations in Europe, 2 QSOs with Africa (EA8) and the icing of the cake was 1 DX QSO with USA.
>Había planeado trabajar no solo 20m CW, sino SSB también, asi coo 30 y 40m. Desafortunadamente, la amenaza de inminente lluvia acercándose me hizo quedar QRT tras solo 13 QSOs en 20m CW. En el log tengo 10 QSOs con estaciones en Europa, 2 QSOs con África (EA8) y la guinda del pastel fue 1 QSO DX con EE.UU.

This is the full log with 13 QSOs:
Éste es el log completo con 13 QSOs:

You can see it on the map:
Pueden verlo en el mapa:

As it happened in my previous activation of this SOTA just 2 days ago, I forgot taking any pictures due to the urgency to pack up and leave under the threat of rain. Well, it was not only threat but actual rain 2 days ago.
Igual que ocurrió en mi última activación de esta SOTA hace sólo 2 días, olvidé tomar fotos debido a la urgencia por empaquetar y marchar bajo la amenaza de lluvia. Bueno, no fue solo amenaza sino lluvia real hace 2 días.

Thanks dear chasers for your calls and QSOs.
I’ll be looking forward to copying you all again very soon from a summit.
>Gracias estimados cazadores por sus llamadas y QSOs.
Estaré esperando volver a copiarles a todos de nuevo muy pronto desde una cima.




Cheers Guru, next time I want pics about your activity, Hi Hi.

I’m glad to see you are don’t stopping.

You are logged on my log of the 27th, 40cw.

Hi Jon,
Thanks for the QSO during your activation on the 27th. You are also in my log. I remember it wasn’t an easy copy and I partly missed your message when you first came back to me, copying the report but not knowing who you were sending it to because I didn’t copy when you sent my callsign due to QSB and QRM from other tail-end chasers calling. No problems on your second go and everything got well copied.
I crossed a number of hill runners and BTT cyclist while I was activating from the summit. I’ll try not to forget asking to take me a picture to one of those people coming and asking about what I’ doing there with that fishing rod and rigs.
Yesterday’s activation was another one of this local summit and I think it was my 74th activation of this summit. With so many activations, it’s become a bit like an extension of my shack. I guess that’s another reason to forgetting the pictures.
As you noted, I’m not stopped at all, but as active as I can. I will undergo my 3rd chemotherapy session tomorrow and I’d like to have the chance to squeeze and do another SOTA activation today. Not sure yet how I’ll do it nor which one. Carpe diem, you know…