70MHz activity in Telemark

Activation 11/3-2010 LA1KHA/P activated LA/TM-013 on 70MHz band. This QTH is favorable on all types of VHF/UHF.Called on 70.450FM but only a QSO with LA8IY Oystein.

Activation on 14/3-2010 LA1KHA/P was on LA/TM-049 in JO49SE .
One QSO with LA1DNA/P Halvard he was active on LA/TM-101 in JO49OH. QRB 23Km.
First sota to sota in LA on the new 4m band.

Some radios use this chanal settings here in LA.
CH1 70.375, Ch2 70.425, Ch3 70.4375 CH4 70.450