70cm activity today

It is the RSGB 70cm AFS event this morning 0900-1300z, and I’ll be taking part from The Cloud G/SP-015 - or as long as I can stand the cold!

FM and CW possible but unlikely; I’ll be mainly somewhere on the 432MHz SSB frequencies.

Nice activation. Cold and sunny with nice views, apart from a chemical factory on fire in Stoke (Hanley).

2m FM: 6
70cm CW: 1
70cm SSB: 37
70cm FM: 10

Total - 54 contacts.

Now off to see the brilliant Stu Clark for a guitar concert in Lymm. Check him out on YouTube!

Nice to hear you on the bands - sorry I only managed one 70cms SSB contact as I had to get back down to pick up the kids. Had a great time up Calf Top and the legs are still reeling from my ‘vertical’ ascent and descent to Barbondale Road!

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I had only a horizontal Slim JIM (must build better) but this gave me the chance to qualify Great Coum with 70cm SSB.

Later I went on the Whernside. I’ve lumped these with a report on a Boulsworth Hill activation (with a bike) on my blog:

Thanks everyone!