Myself and Chris M0KPW had decided to air our portable 6cm’s ATV kit as it’s not been in use for a while.
We decided on me going to WhitFell G/LD-032 and Chris G/LD-030, only a distance of 10 miles or so, but a good start to our activities.

It was an easy walk up to Buck Barrow Pikes, but the recent rain meant the walk across Burn Moor to Whitfell was full of the usual bogs.
Unlike Chris the fell was virtually deserted, What Joy :slight_smile:

I set up the kit and messaged Chris, he was going to be a while. So I had a coffee, admired the view and had a chat with Andrew G4VFL and Derrick 2E0MIX on 2 mtrs F.M.
As soon as he was setup, I switched my TX on and we had P5 (equivalent to 5/9 on audio modes) right away.
We switched over and I also received Chris right away. We exchanged video reports and went off to work a few on 2mtrs FM.

I managed three more S2S’s, thank, to G3TQQ and G4OOE on NP-015 and M0VCM on NP-005.
A pleasant walk back, taking in the ridge of Burn Moor this time, even wetter up there.

So a nice start to our 6cm ATV activities again.

If you are interested in the mode there is plenty of information on the net. A TX and RX from China will set you back £40 - £45 and depending on how far you want to take it, what you have already and your construction skills
that’s all it’s going to cost you. What other new bands/modes could you do for that price.
Microwaves can be almost “Plug & Play” now a days.

Nick G0HIK!



This is the set up from my (M0KPW) side - on LD030.
With my portable 6cm ATV kit.

I also took 2m FM kit, and worked 21 stations including 5 S2S - very good day indeed.
Well worth the walk. Looking forward to getting our with the 6cm ATV kit again next week !