69th Mt. San Cristóbal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 08/04/2017

Due to various reasons it was 09h17 utc when I started the hike, which is about 12 minutes later than usual. I was a bit under pressure due to this late start and it was added to that the fact that, due to bad WX and other circumstances, I had not hiked this mountain nor any other over the three last Saturdays, which meant almost 4 weeks not hiking any mountain and my fitness status was not optimal.
It took me 37 minutes to get to the summit today, which is 2 minutes longer than usual.
After having started the hike a bit too late and having spent 2 minutes longer than usual to get to the summit, I felt a bit stressed and after setting up I didn’t manage to find the notebook to log my QSOs in the rucksack and I wrongly believed that I had forgotten it at home. It was indeed in the rucksack, but I didn’t find it… :frowning:
So I recorded my activation with my smartphone by putting one of my headphones close to the little MIC hole of the smartphone.
I carried out the whole activation by holding the smartphone and one headphone close to its MIC hole with left hand fingers while holding my paddle in that same left hand and keying with the right hand fingers.
After setting up, when I switched my rig on, I heard Ignacio EA2BD/P CQing on 14.062, so I called him back and a S2S QSO with my dear friend innagurated my log.
Ignacio was activating Mt. Uroa EA2/NV-085 today and this S2S QSO also gave me a complete for this summit :v: Thank you, Ignacio!
After this S2S contact, Ignacio kindly went QSY and let me the frequency (thank you again) so I started to call CQ SOTA. I needed 3 or 4 CQ calls to get spotted and have the wall of chasers calling to me.
Soon I logged another S2S QSO with Kurt HB9AFI/P, who was activating HB/VD-036. Thank you!
DX QSO of the day was with Matthew KA1R. Thank you.
When I had announced QRT and was just about to switch off the rig, I was called by Jean Jacques CN2JJ in Marocco and Reinhard DF4TD. You both made it in the very last moment, as I was getting very late and it was time for me to QRT, descend and pick up my 7 years old son at the rock climbing training place down near the base of the mountain.

Well, this is the full log of today’s activation with 17 QSOs (2 of them were S2S) in 19 minutes.

Thank you very much for your calls and QSOs.
I’ll be looking forward to having QSO with you again very soon.