60mtr band in The Netherlands

Hi all,

From tomorow ( 3 dec 2015 ) all Full Licencence amateurs in the Netherlands are allowed to use 5350-5450 KHz. No restrictions. Starting 0:00 local = 23:00 UTC.
I will be QRV! and by coincedence have a day off tomorow !
Using 100W and tuned ZS6BKW.
Sked: pa3fyg@veron.nl

CU on 5MHz

73 de Hans PA3FYG

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Great news, Hans, I will be listening!


Hej Hans,

ist it really 100 kHz wide? You must be lucky neighbours now! :smile:


Yes no "channels ", I only have to find out were to give CQ to get a reply !!! Did not study band and posibilities in other countrys yet.

We are secundairy users, primair user is Milltair, and we have to be careful to keep the "no restrictions ".

Hello Hans,
Good timing with allocation! Winter times is best for 60M.
5.403.500 is a good frequency for DX (eg: USA).
Good luck.

[quote=“PA3FYG, post:4, topic:12094”]Yes no "channels "[/quote]It’s mostly in channels here, at least where our allocation overlaps yours. The USB channels worth remembering are probably 5.3985 MHz and 5.4035 MHz. There’s a handy chart of the U.K. utilisation available from http://homepage.ntlworld.com/wadei/UK_60m_band_utilization.htm and some World-wide information on 60-meter band - Wikipedia .

Hi Hans,
Now we can also activated summits on 60m!

73 Sake

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What a benchmark bendwidth for other Countries to follow Hans! Should be a good path across the North Sea for me - I am 15 miles from the coast, other SOTA ops like G4OOE G4SSH G0NUP G3TQQ M0HQO and others are even closer.

Are visiting full licence hams also allowed to use the band in the Netherlands I wonder?

73s I will be listening and watching and hopefully chasing tomorrow…

Phil G4OBK

Hi all,
I made a mistake , day of is Friday hi hi.
I guess Foreigners with full licence have same rules.
At this moment all is quit. A will check the band now and go qrt 2315.
I try tommorow evening and Friday again.

CU on 60m?

73 de Hans

I worked PH9B just after 2300, the band is full of strong Dutch stations having fun but many are using impossible offsets from our narrow bandlets!

This is fun!


Worked one Duch amateur M0… in Reading, very weak and some PA. One PA Was working Dutch Guy WP3UX, but he was not readeble for me.
Have to think about SOTA antenna om 60mtr now. At lest when I am in a country were this is allowed. How abt DL.??

Well, for the hour or so that I was on last night it can only be described as astonishing - the nearest simile I can come up with is that it was like a CW and an SSB contest running at the same time - Netherlands stations must have been out in their hundreds! I worked two that came on our channels through heavy CW QRM, not bad for 5 watts at that time of night! Several other countries were heard, I guess as a welcoming party!

It just goes to show how good 5 megs is for ham radio!


No sign of an allocation yet though there has been some discussion the past months.
I’m not too confident there will be a soon allocation and they might permit only the 15 kHz that passed wrc15. 6m as an example: The discussion to allocate 6m in DL started in the early 1990s. In the mid-90s they allocated 6m but you needed a special permission. Two years ago (iirc) they opened 6m to all hams, but there are still restrictions, e.g. to non-portable operation.
Sit and wait… And hopefully PA will turn out a kind of a door-opener.


Hello Pom,
Bad luck, as DL is my main SOTA activation country.
73 de Hans

Well Brian, it continues :wink:
Just a snip from the dx-cluster just now!
Night night

PE2HHN A61BK 5357 [LoTW] JT65 -13 dB 1624z 03 Dec

A61BK PA2WCB 5357 jt65 1556z 03 Dec

OZ8ABE A45XR 5348 [LoTW] cq 1555z 03 Dec

PE2HHN PA3RIS 5357 jt65 -1dB jo32 1548z 03 Dec

PE2HHN PA3RIRIS 5357 jt65 -1dB jo32 1548z 03 Dec

M0LHS PA3FUJ 5357 [LoTW] tu for qso 0809z 03 Dec

UX7UN OU5U 5403.5 Dont copy 0725z 03 Dec

LB6BG OU5U 5403.5 Henry cq-ing 0710z 03 Dec

PH9B J79WTA 5403.5 [LoTW] [NA-101] TNX QSO First PA 0147z 03 Dec

W4SUN PH9B 5371.5 RTTY briefly tnx! 0127z 03 Dec

W3DF J79WTA 5403.5 [LoTW] [NA-101] CQn 0121z 03 Dec

W3DF PH9B 5371.5 CQn 0116z 03 Dec

EI3GYB PH9B 5371.5 59 plus in EI.SWL 0111z 03 Dec

K5RK PH9B 5371.5 0046z 03 Dec

W0PV PH9B 5371.5 USB 0041z 03 Dec

Great news Hans.

I am already spotting PA, UK and EU stns on 60m JT65.

Eagerly awaiting the go ahead for 60m here. I am ready hi!

73 Alan VK7BO

Sorry I am one of the few still have to go to QRL in the radio world hi hi, and in the weekend It it hard for me to leave 2 Mtr horizontal.
I installed JT65 agn so will be QRV on 60m. Nice but time consuming mode.
Best DX so far is LA ,G and OZ. Hrd WP3UX in phone.
73 de Hans

I would like to give this a go in the near future from PA-003 near Maastricht. Will be using an old “manpack” only 10W into an low slung dipole, so NVIS. My transceiver can align only to 1kHz steps. Looking at the UK Band Utilization Chart the frequencies of 5354.0, 5378.0 and 5395.0 would correspond. Is there any preference to UK hams which frequency to use for SOTA?

That aside, the Belgian regulator BIPT has pro-actively put forward a consultation for amateur radio access to the 60m band as per WARC15. Access is on secondary basis, primary user is Military. The consultation period runs until 4/1/2016 though we will have to wait until a decision gets published. The only frequency for ON SOTA matching a UK utilization will be 5354.0 kHz.

CU on 60m.

73, Phil ON4TA