60m WRC-15 latest reminder

Hi all,

“one drawing is better than 36 explanations”

Don’t recall old “I” activation on 60m who was within the limits of the recommendations !

Find that today (without WRC-15 boundaries…)

73, Éric


Also bear in mind that the relevant UK bandlets in the WRC-15 band are 5.354 - 5.358 and 5.362 to 5.3745 MHz.

Hi Brian

Maybe I misunderstand your point but I believe that the UK allocated section of the IARU slot is 5.354 - 5.358 MHz and 5.362 - 5.3745 MHz. The upper limit for UK is well above the 5.366 MHz band edge for the rest of world.

73 Phil

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Yes, an unfortunate mis-type, Phil, thanks for the correction, I’ll change it. The idea was to point out to our 60m WRC-15 activators that they will only get chases from the many UK users if they activate on frequencies common to them and us. I’m sure that you have been as frustrated as me on hearing activations on frequencies like 5.361 and being unable to call them legally although much of their modulation has been in our part of the band! :frowning_face:

Very good Brian. I see the occasional UK transgressor operating using CW below 5.354 MHz (Dial freq) and on FT8 above 5.358 KHz. I usually email them with a courteuos reminder in case they receive an official call from OFCOM (unlikely) and most often I get a courteous reply in return. A few of the transgressors I’ve noticed though are “incognito” and don’t have an email address listed in QRZ.COM.

73 Phil

And we UK 60m CW operators invite our WRC-15 friends to call around 5354.5 kHz.That’s my default 60m frequency when activating SOTA summits.

Unfortunately that’s not always possible. On several activations in the past I found the frequency occupied by EU stations on 5354kHz USB. (Some clubs suggest to use 5354, 5357, 5360 and 5363 in order to maximize the number of SSB channels)
It’s rather frustrating to listen to endless rag chews with only one option: moving down 1-2kHz in the WRC-15 exclusive CW segment, where UK cannot participate in the fun :angry:
During winter, apparently more stations arrive on 60 metres. The situation used to be more relaxed before.
73, Roman