60M band SOTA activity CW/USB usual frequencies?

Hi all,
I support standardisation of QRG, where ever possible. To this end, 2 years ago, I stopped using 5.260 for SOTA CW in the UK. My own reason for this change was to avoid tempting European stations to call me out of their band. Instead I began to use 5.3545 MHz. This made the frequency usable by many chasers on mainland Europe as well as the UK. Please note that the final digit (5) is important so as to place my transmissions within the UK bandlet allocation, not perched on the bandlet edge. Clearly 5MHz use is still evolving and further changes may become necessary.


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The sooner the UK adopt the WRC15 band and bandplan (in addition to the existing bandlets) the better!

73 Ed.

That’s the problem - “in addition to”! If Ofcom decide instead to give us the WRC15 band and take away our other bandlets we will lose far more than we gain, and then there is the derisory power limitation…definately a case of “be careful what you ask for!”

Bearing in mind the IARU R1/R2 bandplan quoted above, SSB contacts with the UK are possible on 5354, 5355, 5362 and 5363, the RSGB recommended USB channels in the UK are 5354 and 5363. I note David’s use of 53545 for CW but recommended usage in the UK since the start of the “Fox” channels was to place the virtual SSB carrier at the LF limit of the channels, and it was also recommended that CW was placed at the LF limit of the channels thus allowing CW and SSB to co-exist to some extent.

Just to be clear: the UK stations can participate in WRC15 SSB contacts on 5354, 5355, 5362 and 5363. The UK can NOT participate in SSB contacts on 5356 to 5361 as at least part of the signal bandwidth will fall outside our allocations.

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One word…


Reading this thread I feel a sense of daja vu or is it Groundhog Day?

I asked SOTA activators in WRC-15/60m countries to consider using 5354.5 (not 5354.0) for CW CQs as 5354.0 is on the edge of one of the UK 60m bandlets, so we can’t reply (legally). Or maybe 5354.2 (so folk listening on 5354.0 might hear and QSY up) - but I don’t want to start a debate about CW bandwidth.

73, Andy

I’ve asked Theresa May to table a motion in Parliament to bring in WRC15/60m to the UK but she says she’s busy with something else right now …

AGREED! - That’s what happened in Holland I believe.


Andy (MM0FMF) wants you to consider operating split frequency Brian, which did use to happen but now as the majority of countries with 60 metres have the (albeit small and low powered) WRC15 band, I believe less of that happens and rather the 4 overlap frequencies are used for SSB contacts and the two CW ones plus the 4 listed for SSB (all mode section of the band) for CW - contacts between the UK and the rest of Europe.


But seen that she recently postponed that something, she may have done to actually take care of your request about WRC15 for UK… :wink:



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If you consult 5MHz - Radio Society of Great Britain - Main Site : Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site you will see that 5354 is a recommended SSB frequency. If you disagree with the recommendations of the RSGB surely you should take that up with them rather than advocating chaos? Note also that the IARU band plan for the WRC15 allocation has 5354 as the start of the all modes section. I know that “all modes” includes CW but the essence of a band plan is the segregation of incompatible modes, is it not?

I’m not saying that you have not got a good case for a change to the band plans, but you should go about getting the change through formal channels rather than advocate that band plans be ignored, that road leads inevitably to chaos.

Hi Andy,
I know what you mean! Whenever band conditions are bad (which they are at present), we seem to go back on this reflector and discuss things that have already been discussed.

It’s a shame that there is no way to find the old threads and then add to them if questions need to be asked or new information added - Oh YES there is the search box …

Actually I don’t mind the repeats - it gives me something to do while waiting for band conditions to improve.

73 Ed.

It doesn’t work Brian, I pointed out all these concerns with the person working on one RSGB revised 60m band plan was officially brought in and despite that there was still UK regional RTTY or something across the common frequencies with purely a note added later to say please think of the fact that there is an overlap with the new IARU band. I even suggested how it could be rearranged to help everyone - no changes even considered! That was a while ago though - perhaps someone else is in charge now?
(P.S. depite living in Germany I am an RSGB member and hold a UK call, so I would have hoped the person (not giving any name out) could have considered the change).


Chaos? I think you are talking in hyperbole. I think you may have brought this up before.

Three points: 1) UK band plans are recommendations not mandatory, 2) 5354.0 and up is mixed-mode in WRC-15/60m, 3) I listen often to that and neighbouring frequencies and hear mainly continental CW.

I have done SOTA CW activations on 5354.5 and chased others doing the same. I can’t recall hearing SSB there very often. I should think we can have SSB and CW QSOs there without the sky falling in.


I was just joking of course. I’m not actually pushing for UK WRC15/60m allocation because I don’t think we would get it - the primary user (the UK MOD) has freed up a lot of bandwidth already and they probably have good reasons not to lose any more for the foreseeable future.

AND most of the UK 60m bandlets are very quiet. Most of the CW activity is coming from the WRC15 CW subband. I doubt if I could do a daytime, weekday 60m CW activation using UK-only allocations.

What we need is flexibility by all users - so no ‘my mode only’ frequencies.

I know, Andy. So I was too.
It’s a shame that current allowances have such disparity, but I see that with a bit of good will from all of us, we should be able to find some common frequencies for us to activate and chase SOTA. 5.3545 seems to be a good one and there must be some few others, I believe.
With little time to spend on checking all different frequency allocations plus my current little interest on the 60m band due to not being able to use at the present time, I rely on some other members of this great community to come out with a good proposal.

Guru (now off for a beer with xyl)

I’ve had a few SSB SOTA contacts on 5354, in fact I often monitor that frequency and often hear SSB traffic though rarely in English. Oddly enough I’ve never heard any CW there, though that may well be because I have a habit of leaving on the carrier filter because of certain nuisance stations!

I know that band plans are recommendations and not mandatory, and I said above that 5354 and up is mixed mode. Now, bearing in mind that the band plan is not mandatory, what would be your reaction to a couple of stations holding an SSB contact on 5352 or 5353? Would you be annoyed or would you shrug your shoulders? After all, “what is sauce for the goose…”

I’m not against reasonable changes to the bandplan but these changes should be made formally, not through people bullying their way to a change. If the powers that be won’t listen to individuals, organise a petition, if you can’t get the signatures then the proposal won’t fly.

Shrug my shoulders - live and let live, I say. After all, it’s only a hobby.

I might even politely break in on SSB if I was desperate to complete the activation before freezing up. Or head for 30m or 40m where there’s rarely a problem finding chasers.

Hi Ed, Not changes from Spanish authorities, it is my own mistake copying (not paste) the text. My apologies! Follow are the original text in Spanish language:

Sorry for my writing error…

Yes!! at least one good answer… Then, after read the interesting comments we can conclude, that if we like the QRGs could be as follow:
5.354.5 KHz CW
5.363 KHz SSB
Right ?
Thanks for your patience boys!