6 down, 11 to go

Hi all,

Activation report G/SP-015 The Cloud

Wanted to go as soon as possible to this summit, as it is one of the most southerly South Pennine summits and had been activated a lot.

Set off early,cloudy but mild hoping for promised sunshine today. went via M6 to Sandbach and Congleton turnoff. hit traffic in Congleton Town Centre, but not too bad. roundabouts everywhere and soon started climbing out of town then I spotted Cloud in the distance. It reminded me a bit of Raw Head from the welsh side in its appearence as it went up in front of me. few country lane later and I was at car park spot, blocked by Chelsea tractors so went past and parked in a lay-by about 1/2 mile further down.

Got to path up still with more than enough time to reach summit Trig. Shame about the derelict cottage on left of path, just looks like it was left to rot!! Followed path round to steps and set off upwards, surprised how easy it was to get up, I must be getting fitter! As you come through the stile the Trig is in view and I thought Im too early.

Touched Trig, took photo with my phone as there is also a erected pile of neat stones that is a direction indicator, it shows Frodsham is 25 miles away in a straight line( I live in next village to Frodsham so was good to see it being mentioned up there.) Decided to shelter behind a wall that was alongside another pathway down and set up Perch rod with beam north to south and horizontal.

Few shouts no call back, went to GB3MN to test my radio and spoke to Ian 2E1CYS/M he says I was working OK so went back to 2m Simplex ssb finally getting G8JIT/M who was parked in Christie hospital car park. 12 Contacts on 2m ssb including turning my Beam to get Don in Devon. 4-1 both ways but still a good distance. After changing beam and radio to 70cm, gave out call and only got one back from Roger in Tamworth,G0TRB thanks for that. ten minutes later no further contacts on 70cm so decided to call it a day and head home.

This summit makes 6 out of the 17 South Pennine summits target I have set myself for this year. Hopefully I have left the more interesting ones for better weather later in the year.

Thanks to all who contacted me today and hope I didnt miss anyone, all logged on database and thanks again.



In reply to M6ADL:

Congratulations on activating 6 out of the 17 Southern Pennine summits Tony.

I have been looking at a personal target myself, & activating all 17 SP summits came out as being the most logical for me also.

Well, I did SP-005 Pendle Hill accidentally at the beginning of March & SP-014 Longridge fell last weekend, so that only leaves 15, a bit further to go than you perhaps :wink:

Best of luck in achieving your goal Tony :slight_smile:

73 Mark G0VOF

In reply to M6ADL:

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for the report and the note via email as well regarding your 70cms contact. If you can get out at a weekend I think that you will find a few more to work on the band, though I have made just the one from many a summit. In my opinion it is a great shame that more people do not use the band as the size of a modest antenna is very convenient for summit activations.

Best wishes for activating the remaining 11 of the SP’s.

73, Gerald

In reply to G0VOF:

Hi Mike,

How can you accidentally walk up a hill?? Hi Hi

17 is a small enough target to achieve in one year for me anyway so hopefully you can do the same.

I have two booked for next week on one day, but looking at the tips from Tom & Richard they are not very scenic so two more just to do and forget about!

Good Luck



In reply to G4OIG:

Thanks for that Gerald,

It hasnt put me off doing 70cm, but as you say probably better at weekends when more chasers are about.

I may try a vertical on it next time may even take my X30 up with me to use( now there’s an idea)??