5Mhz CW frequency?

I’m heading for Hope Mountain later today, will alert later, can anyone suggest a suitable frequency for 5Mhz CW? I will start with CW then I’ll be active on FE for fone.


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Are there any preferred channels or frequencies for CW QSOs?

“CW operators, particularly those running QRP have occasionally found that their QSOs are interrupted with SSB QSOs starting up on channel. In an effort to avoid this problem, to make better use of the spectrum available to us, and to make it easier for CQ QRP operators the 5MHz Working Group suggests that the edges of Channel FC could be used for such contacts. If either 5.289 or 5.291MHz is used for CW, the transmissions should not affect the beacon monitoring and any CW CQ calls would be easily monitored by any casual listeners in SSB mode. On either of these frequencies the transmissions would be 500Hz from the FC channel-edge so sidebands from the CW transmissions would be suitably contained within the channel. CW transmissions should not go closer to 5.290MHz, as this could upset the beacon monitoring.”

Seems a good place to start Mike :wink:

Roger G4OWG

PS 5.291 is probably best as thw WSPRers use the space below the beacons.

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Thanks Roger. 5.291MHz it is then, see you there later.