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5MHz and WRC15


Hi Andy

Was listening out for you today but sadly you rarely got above R2 with me (despite being S9) so didn’t call :frowning:

73 de Paul G4MD


I’m glad if it is of some help, Andy. I have been very active on 60m for several years using a variety of modes, including CW, SSB, AM and various digital modes.

The band plan, such as it is, is in a state of flux because additional countries keep coming on to the band with different frequency allocations. Some overlap with our bandlets; some do not. The latest development is the opening up of the WRC15 band (5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz). So far, Belgium and Spain have been granted access to this band and this has resulted in a great upsurge of activity on all modes - including CW and JT65 - in this sub-band. The UK is allowed to use just two small parts of this sub-band at present … 5354 - 5358 and 5362 - 5366.5. Most UK JT65 activity is now in the 1 kHz slot between 5357 and 5358. There is room for 5 JT65 QSOs in this space without overlap.

Walt (G3NYY)


It most certainly would, Paul. JT65 and JT9 modes are magical in their ability to penetrate local noise! I have constant S9 + 20 dB noise on 160m at my QTH. I can hear nothing on CW or SSB, but I have recently had numerous successful QSOs on the band on JT65. The signals are inaudible, but can be decoded 100% by the software.

Walt (G3NYY)


I have a spare set here which has gone in successfully today Ed. The original set where pulls and where probably a little tired, judging on the performance of the new pair.

I am not keen on Chinese RF power transistors, having known a few builders to have had rubbish sent over with nothing in the transistor device package or a counterfeit device. SD discontinued this part which is a shame as its a very good device for portable operation.

They also need to be a matched pair which are difficult to obtain.

Thanks for the Ebay links. The last pair I got was from Blackpool rally for £20 I nearly cried with happiness when I saw them in front of me !

I was active on GW/NW-057 today - great little summit. No one found me on here and I could not spot no SMS coverage or 3G. The WAB boys found me though on 5MHz and it must have been a rare square - got absoultly hounded for it :smile:



It’s not particularly rare per se, (SH60). It’s a full 10x10k square and easily done mobile. However, WAB world is very aware of the forthcoming decline on 40m and eyes are now turning, as they always do at this part of the sunspot cycle, to the lower frequency bands. There is been some discussion about 60m and therefore the current activity on there has been brought to the fore and some members are making a 5MHz only collection. This is where the /P activity comes into its own as you can’t whizz through the squares /M as you can on 40m and 80m!


[quote=“GW2HFR, post:24, topic:12844”]
I was active on GW/NW-057 today - great little summit. No one found me on here and I could not spot no SMS coverage or 3G. The WAB boys found me though on 5MHz and it must have been a rare square - got absoultly hounded for it :smile:

It was probably the trig point they wanted Jonathon and not the square,wonder if they spotted you for sota? Don.


That doesn’t hold water, Don. GW/NW-057 doesn’t have one!


I didn’t get a spot Don. I did ask but nothing came up on the system evidently. No trig on it either :confused:

I was on 5.3895 MHz I was hoping someone may have spun the dial and found me. I know those 1 pointers are seldom activated on HF. I will be down there again on Sunday to activate a few more.

I had one bar of GSM coverage RRT just wouldn’t send it despite trying several trys. The RF tends to knock the reception back on the phone.



They probably wouldn’t have known that until working him,surely someone could have spotted him on sota watch. Don.


That’s a massive assumption!


No Dave just a common courtesy in sota as the activator may not have worked his required contacts to qualify.Don.


Hi Jonathan

Failed to get a spot up yesterday from Rhobell Fawr using RRT even though I walked around the trig looking for a G signal. Resorted to sending a spot using SOTA Spotter (uses SMS) by YO8SAW Bogdan.( http://yo8saw.netroute.ro/ )…has worked for me on several occasions.

73 Allan GW4VPX


I will give it ago Allan, thanks.

As I said previously I am considering changing the default spotting tool. With one bar it should still send a spot, RRT will just refuse to send a spot if the cell phone has dropped out of service at least once whilst the application has been run.

I can always qualify a summit without worry from not having a spot. The annoying point is obviously summits that are not activated very often not coming up for people to work. Don was actually at the forefront of my mind whilst trying to get the spot out as I knew he would be keen !

Its frustrating if the activator has to spend time messing around with a smart phone whilst up there instead of the radio. I just hoped that the grape vine would work and Don would know where I was !

The problem is for none SOTA people is that they need an account to spot - this puts many off spotting I suspect.



It’s a massive assumption, Don, insofar assuming that they didn’t know it had no trig. The WAB trig points claim sheet is cross referenced with SOTA refs, so no cross reference, no trig.


Dave & Don,

I can tell you what happens, people come across a station and are keen to work them and then something else is heard or spotted and in the desire to get the next one, the need to spot the first is simply forgotten in all the fun. It’s easy to do.


Yes, I can see that happening when the spots are coming up thick and fast! FWIW I always send a spot if there isn’t one already up. Unfortunately I missed Allan on 5 megs yesterday and when I got back he was inaudible on 7 megs, the band was too long.



I am trying to encourage the WAB lads (and lasses) to support the SOTA activators and I put out a summary on the WAB Reflector each morning alerts that may be of interest. I may have to add a bit to my covering header re spots!


Hello all,

I am enjoying a few days in the Wicklow mountains, EI. I’ve been searching on the official Comreg website, to see if I am allowed to use the WARC 5MHz allocation under the CEPT reciprocal agreement.

(I am sure that I cannot use the wider EI allocation, because that still requires special permission for EI licencees)

I have also searched the Reflector, but haven’t found anything.

Please could an EI or CEPT expert give an opinion?

If allowed, I will try 5.354 ssb, subject to wind, antennas etc :wink:

Sorry for the last minute query, but it has only just occured to me that it might be possible…




Hi Adrian,
You need a response from an EI amateur, but as you say, (and condirmed in Wikipedia) the 60m channels are ONLY under a special licence so you don’t have access to those. TR61/01 makes no reference to which bands can be used, so the question is whether the 60m WRC15 band, that the Republic of Ireland has as well as its channels is considered a “normal” band that all EI amateurs (and visitors) are allowed access to or not.

73 Ed.