500 Points

Target achieved…a few months ago driving around Cheshire and only recently licensed I picked up a cq cq call…it was Mickey 2E0YYY/P shouting from his back garden (of course I mean the summit)…of course I was quite excited as had only just fitted the radio in the car …needless to say I had never heard of Sota and Mickey took the time to explain what it was and the fact I had earnt a point…since that day my interest in Sota grows daily.
Today at 08:58 UTC I contacted Mickey again on Shining Tor and the Qso bagged me my 500th point.
The fact that it was Mick giving me my 500th point was a nice little Birthday present for me today. Thanks Mickey.
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the activators for their hard work in all weathers especially as most of my points are collected through the winter months.
Going to take some time off radio and the computer now and go and enjoy my Birthday even though there is lots of activity posted today.
A special thanks to Tom also who took me on my first activation a few weeks ago.
Also thanks to ALL the Sota MT for help and guidance in the past.

Ps…Thanks again Mickey…made my day.
From a 50 plus Junior.
Pps…never did claim that first point.

Hi Russ,

Happy Birthday and congratulations on 500 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

In reply to M6RGF:
Hi Russ
Congrates on the 500 points and Happy Birthday. I need 1 point for my 500.
Don’t forget the ballet shoes have a nice day.

In reply to M6RGF:

Hi Russ

Congrats on your birthday and 500 chaser points. If I keep up my average contacts per week I’ll be there in 6 weeks, hopefully?

The trouble is I’ve taken to activating so it could upset things. Nice to work you yesterday from Mynydd Carningli so I should think my 1 point activation was helpful hi. If you had caught me today on Rhos Ymryson it could have been 501.


Allan GW4VPX

The activating certainly gets in the way of being an armchair “professional” chaser Allan! But who wants to do that if you have the option of being out on the hills?

Of course, the chasing status of activating is now much raised with the S2S award, so perhaps reset your targets against the new award?

Advice to both Allan and Russ - once you’re regularly activating, the Shack Sloth (1000 points) comes along very quickly almost as a by-product of your interest in SOTA, without really trying. So keep your attentions on the activating, and the chaser points will look after themselves.


In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom

Thanks for the advice Tom and your words are true as today my activation netted 2 S2S. Had to give up early as the promised rain and wind set in.

Hope you and the family are well.


Allan GW4VPX