500 and 2550 points

Hi chaps

Steve 2E0KPO and myself are going to Wales Monday 5/05/08 to get some activator points from GW/NW-008, GW/NW-001 and GW/NW-019. it will be a long day and I hope WX OK.
If we do all Steve will get his 500-activator points and I will get my 250 and Mount Everest award.
Steve will be on 144.290 ssb as usual; he is also planning on trying his new buddy pole out from Snowdon. I will try the HF side on 40, 60 and 80 meters. So please look out for us so we can gain these important milestones.
Photos and report will be on the Burton ARC web site later at http://www.burtonarc.co.uk

73 all and happy sotaering
Dave G0AOD
opps pressed 55 key to much should read 500 and 250 points

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yes monday even better hi.

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No Buddipole on this trip, taking the kettle is more inportant!!

73 Steve

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No Buddipole on this trip, taking the kettle is more inportant!!

73 Steve

Classic Steve, hi. Have a good day out both, I’ll be listening for you and let me know if you make your milestones so I can put it in Summits news.



Hi All

GW/NW-001,GW/NW-008 concured but ran out of steam and time for GW/NW-019.
This leaves Steve and myself 3 points off geting our 500 and 250 points.
I did manage to get my Everest award.
As you all know the weather was very hot which slowed us down and for me HF was not working well. On NW-008 I managed to get my dipole up for 40 and 60 meters but with call after call on both bands with no replys I was forced to use my handheld on 433 and 145 FM to qualify the mountain. NW-001 was a little better and I had all my contacts on 80 meters, but this was a strugle. Steve did very well on both with around 40 contacts on 144 ssb. We were both suffering from to much sun when we got back to the car. These 18 points where the hardest I have experianced. Thanks to all chasers.
73 Dave

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Hi Dave & steve, what can one say sorry you never got to your goal on points today, Me and Terry g0vwp did not have 144mhz ssb,I was on 145mhz fm but never heard you :frowning: so the contact was out the window, I know Terry spoke to you on 3.66mhz and this is where i made my milestone with the contact from g/ld-034 hardknott and you on gw/nw-001 Snowdon you pushed me through to 4002 points on chasing, The weather was just great, (photo’s on Summits on the Air Photo Pool). Also it was nice to be out and about doing some hill walking can’t tell how unfit i am, it took us a little while to get up g/ld-034 Hardknott as i have only done small humps and loads of walking on the flat recently. Many thank to all who said it was nice to hear me back the summits, like wise it was nice to catch everyone again, thanks for the spots and qso’s, Also thanks to g4blh and 2e0nhm for the qso while i was on the M6 going to the lakes. And to m3tmx and 2e0edx for the qso’s on the M6 on my way home, The traffic was not to bad for a bank holiday only for some idiot to travel down the hard shoulder being chased by the boys’s in blue (police), Who finally caught up with him at tickle trout M6/A49 junction ( the fool never out run the police on a motorway),
Till next time big thanks, and Terry is still up in the lakes for another few days so listen for him,
De 73 steve m0sgb

Thanks to all for the support, pictures now on the site at

It was a great day shame we nevre got all our goals, but the heat did knock it out of us.