5 years SOTA in Germany August 2008

SOTA Germany began in August 5 years ago through DL2LTO Andy and DL1JMS Matthias. For this reason we has at the 2./ 3.August we has our activity weekend.
We hope for many contacts from all SOTA friends.
Best 73 Matthias DL1JMS

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I hope to be listening Matthias. 73’s John

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Hi Matthias,

I too hope to be on and work some more German SOTAs.

Thanks for all the hard work, I certainly enjoyed my German SOTA activations this year and will be back for more!


Mike G4DDL

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Hi Matthias,

ich werde alle meine Antennen in deine Richtung drehen :slight_smile:

LG aus Chemnitz.

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We have 5 years SOTA DM, activity days 2008 for all SOTA friends.

SOTA the Association German Low Mountain Range ‘Deutsche Mittelgebirge’ started at 01. August 2003. Five
years SOTA in Germany! We want celebrating the day with these SOTA weekend activities. We invite all radio amateurs of active SOTA assoziations to take part. The activity days are more a party then a contest. We wish all
participants a lot of fun.

Organizer: Association, 'SOTA DM – Germany [Low Mountains]
Date: 2th and 3th August 2008
Time: Start 2th August 06.00 UTC
End: 3th August 20:00 UTC


Best 73 Matthias DL1JMS