5 upcoming SOTA activations

Good Afternoon Folks!

I’ll be doing a section hike on the Appalachian trail May 5-8 during which I hope to activate 5 summits. I’ll try to work as many of you as I can but please understand I will have to keep these activation’s pretty short for 3 reasons. For one I’ll be hiking with some non-ham buddies who aren’t going to want to wait around for much more than 30-45 minutes per activation. I also have a lot of miles to cover and most importantly I’ll be carrying 4 days worth of camping / hiking gear in my backpack so I will not have much room for radio gear. I plan to take one battery, my KX3 and a LNR Trail Friendly. So no pole, no doublet, no amp, no extra batteries. I plan to work SSB on 80, 60, 40, 20 then call it. The summits planned are.

W4G/NG005 - Thursday
W4G/NG011 - Friday
W4G/NG010 - Saturday
W4G/NG009 - Sunday
W4G/NG020 - Sunday

There is a possibility I may do NG020 Thursday instead of Sunday.

I’ll put out Alerts on Sotawatch once I have a better idea on times.

As always feel free to drop me a txt and I’ll do my best to QSY for you.

Wish me luck and 73,

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Best of luck Alan

73 Neil

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Those are some really good summits to do. Will you have an HT for 2m FM?


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I sure will!