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5 out of 5 on 2!

I managed to work Richard G4ERP on all 5 of his summits today on 2mt ssb. I only have a colinear so I am very pleased with that. I am especially grateful to Richard for WB-003. This was a unique for me, and after a chat from his first summit today I realised why I hadn’t chased it before. Apparently its not much good for putting up a HF aerial “without breaking an ankle”, and the normal location for VHF gave a very poor take off in my direction. Richard kindly used a better location on the summit to make sure I got the contact.
Thanks again. Still must sort out a “proper” aerial for SSB!
Cheers all

In reply to GW3BV:

Hi, Q.

It was a pleasure and no trouble to set up a bit further north. I think everyone sets up in the lee of the big outcrop at the summit for protection from the wind but having got a beam heading for you on Corndon WRT Stiperstones (they’re in line), I just went to somewhere that meant I could see Corndon.

The whole summit area is a jumble of boulders with a covering of heather and bilberry. Great for turning an ankle. As I was a bit early for the activation, I thought about putting up HF, but then thought better of it!

Anyway, a cracking day yesterday. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.

Great to work you on all five - and thanks to all the others who stuck with it all day. It was especially good to work Andre ON4CAP from all five on 2m.

73, Richard

In reply to G4ERP:
Thanks again Richard. Mind you telling me Andre in Belgium worked you on all 5 summits on 2mt ssb has taken the wind out of my sails somewhat :wink:

In reply to GW3BV:

Well, I don’t know what Andre’s QTH is like but my takeoff in his direction was infintely better than in yours. Certainly you’ve got a pretty obstructed path to the east from your QTH at sea level so I still think it was a good day’s work.

73, Richard

In reply to G4ERP:
Hello Richard. It was my pleasure to meet You on all 5 Summits. 3 Of them ware neu one for Me. I like very much Chassing summits on 2 meters and also on HF. Bud ther are now much station ho turn here antennas in my direction
My equipment :
FT-225RD 25 Watts
11 Ele Fexa on 12 Meter asl
So 73 and hope meet You again on SOTA

In reply to ON4CAP:

Good afternoon, Andre.

I have enjoyed the QSOs we have made on 2m over the last couple of years. I always call with the beam in your direction in case you are there so let’s hope for many more.

73, Richard