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5 Association EU tour - Sep 23/24

With work taking me over to the UK, I’m going to take advantage of the fact and duck over to the continent for a quick tour around as many associations as are practicable. I’ve posted alerts already on SOTAwatch with my plans, but a quick summary:

23rd: PA/PA-002 Vrouwenheide, ON/ON-010 Baraque de Fraiture, LX/LX-001 Steekammchen, F/VO-052 Kudertberg
24th: DM/BW-019 Hornisgrinde, DM/BW-029 Hoher Ochsenkopf

Method of operation will be smash n’ grab, mainly SSB, but will try CW if I’m ahead of schedule, and more likely on the 24th. Once the pile-up dies I’m packing up and heading for the next one. More than happy to catch up with any local SOTAites on top of said summits.

There’s two maybes also alerted, depending on time and/or my need for comfort breaks while driving. I may also get out early one morning in the UK if I can find transport and a summit reasonably close to Farnborough in order to get back in time for the training sessions planned.

Hi Andrew,
Welcome to our SOTA region! Myself and other ON SOTA activators would like to meet and co-activate perhaps PA-002 and ON-010, both are within reasonable driving distance from our QTH.
We can set up our /P station so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the activation.
Please get in touch with me at ON4TA [at] rogister [dot] eu so that we firm up the schedule, work out logistics and see who might be available on the day (as it is a working day).
73, Phil ON4TA

Assuming neither airport security nor oversleeping gets in the way, this is still on for tomorrow. Looking forward to any and all contacts!


All four of today’s associations successfully activated. Thanks to Phil ON4TA for the use of his station on PA-002 and the chat, quick though it was.

I didn’t quite make my schedule. A random (I hope) police check between PA and ON ate up 20 minutes, and a run in between my wing mirror and a truck somewhere in LX delayed the last summit further. By that stage I struggled to find a clear frequency on 40m, so got 4 on 20 to activate and head off

Thanks for all the contacts today! Tomorrow for association 5!

Success on BW-019 today, but cancelling the rest of my activations for today due to time


very pleased to have made a contact, scratchy as it was!

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Blog now updated with the details, in chronological order:

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