5 + 6 July on DM/BW-470


at the 5 + 6 July i take part in 2 contests.
its allowed again for the contest team DL0BLG to drive up DM/BW-470 to take
part in the DARC VHF-UHF Contest. i´m the cw-op in that team and make
the nightshift to work the dx :slight_smile:

at the same time its time for the Orginal-QRP-Contest from 15-1500utc.

i take also part in this test with K2 and a inv.V 2x20m and a 15m vertical.
i do no spotlites at the time of the contest.working only on 80,40 amd 20m-cw.
walk away from the car to the highest point on that summit to be in the
sota rules. if you work me on this weekend,a serial number would be nice.
i will upload the contest log also to the sota-database.
if i have time for a ssb-break,i use spotlite for sure !

vy 73 Klaus

only a reminder :slight_smile:

will spot nothing via spotlite during the contest.
planned qrg´s are 3550-3560,7020-7030,14050-14060, and to avoid
problems with the rtty contest at 7110-7130khc. all in cw !
from late evening up to early morning i´m qrv as DL0BLG in JN47 on 144mhz in cw.
4x6el,2x17el,8xquad omni-dir,full legal power …
vy 73 Klaus

as i wrote before,will upload the full contest log to the database.
if you work me,please a serial number for me :slight_smile: