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400km skip on 20m today

Some very very interesting short skip on 20m today 400km onwards
started with ON stations coming in strong

Now hearing G8ADD 5/7 and G4OBK 5/20 and a strong yorkshire station cracking in at 5/9 down here in SW whilst working and listening to OE6SWG/P

Had to double check was not on 40m .


Same here, Karl - but I heard N1GB calling Stephan at 59 and various G stations at similar levels, I wish I could do that on 40! Now another storm has started with Kp=5 I suppose it will all fade away for a day or two… :worried:


Love it when bands go be dolally.
K5 no problem LOL


The bands have been a total mess these last two days.


73’s Nick