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4 summits over 2500 m = 40 points!

SOTA RECORD soon ! (Saturday, 20th June)

Chasers, HI !! May we have your attention !

Have you ever done 40 points in a day ? Perhaps during the Sota Days ! But with the same station ? I suppose no ! That will be possible Saturday, 20th june.
F6HBI/p and I(F5HTR/p)will beat the score of the number of SOTA points in a day ! We will climb 4 summits at 10 points over 2500m in the South of France close to the Mercantour park. That means 40 points !
We gonna activate the Mont-Archas at 2520m (F/AM-280), the Caire Archas (F/AM-258) at 2636m, the Cime du Belletz at 2600m (F/AM-264) and then the Mont-Pépoiri (F/AM-242) at 2674m.
As the walk is very long, about 16 km, we will activate short time, about 20 at 30 qso per summit for each station (f6hbi/p and f5htr/p).

So we hope to contact you soon during our expedition ! Please be patient for your lap and we will try to give report to all and qrp stations also !
Fréquency will be 7.032 Mhz in CW mode as usual.

In order to be a succes, this expedition will start soon in morning ! the first summit will be operate at 06:00 am UTC.

Best 73 to all and see you soon on air !


Bonjour a tous !

Avez-vous déjà fait 40 points en un jour ? Certainement lors d’une journée internationale du SOTA ! Mais 40 points de la même station ? Certainement pas !
Et bien ce sera possible le 20 juin prochain !
F6HBI/p et moi-même (F5HTR/p) allons battre le record de points SOTA accumulé en une journée ! Nous allons grimper 4 sommets à 2500 m dans le sud de la France où nous sommes bien gâtés ! soit 40 points !
Nous activerons dans un 1er temps le Mont-Archas à 2520m (F/AM-280), le Caire-Archas (F/AM-258) à 2636m, la Cime du Belletz à 2600m (F/AM-264) et enfin le Mont-Pépoiri (F/AM-242) à 2674m.
Cette randonnée sera très longue, environ 16 km, nous activerons chaque sommet rapidement : environ 20 à 30 qso par opérateur et par sommet.

Nous espérons vous contacter pendant cette expédition SOTA ! S’il vous plait, nous vous demandons de faire preuve de courtoisie pour que nous puissions donner des reports à tous ainsi qu’aux stations qrp.
La fréquence choisie est 7.032 +/- selon qrm ou occupation. Le mode est en CW comme d’habitude !
Pour que cette expédition soit un succès, nous démarerons très tôt le matin : Départ à 5h30 du matin et 1ère activation à 8h local soit 06h UTC.

A bientôt et au plaisir de vous contacter !
F6HBI/p et F5HTR/p

In reply to F5HTR:

Maybe not the heights of the summits you are encounting but the points have been achieved in a day from a single activator…(i may be wrong)

I think Steve G1INK and Klaus DF2GN and maybe Mike GW0DSP have done this before when they visited Germany and the Hamfest but good luck to you and the CW chasers

73 Mark

In reply to M3RHJ:
Hi Mark !
Yes it was already done the 22th june 2007! but I speak about 4 summits over 2500 m height !
They have done : DM/BW-155 (948 m) and then DM/BW-049 (993 m) and then DM/BW-154 (980 m) and the fourth DM/BW-041 (1007 m) the whole summits doesn’t exist anymore nowadays !!!
The most important in that expedition is We gonna walk the long way between each summits, no cars at all ! Only to go on departure position at 1400 mtr. and then we walk abt 16 kms at 2500 mtr.
A lot of OM activate number of summits in one day but they use a lot of benzine ! Our record is to walk between summit as S53x who ride between summit.
So hope to heard you next saturday if the weather wants cause prevision is not so good for us !
GL es 73 Bob

In reply to F5HTR:

It´s a real challenge. Good luck for you both and take care.
I´ll be on the radio and hope to catch you from all 4 summits.

73 and GL,

“Have you ever done 40 points in a day ?”


10/Jun/2006 DM/TH-270 (Falkenhügel) DJ3AX/P 8 6 0 208
10/Jun/2006 DM/TH-182 (Schanze) DJ3AX/P 8 8 0 216
10/Jun/2006 DM/TH-137 (Hettstädt) DJ3AX/P 9 8 0 224
10/Jun/2006 DM/TH-159 (Kirchberg) DJ3AX/P 12 8 0 232
10/Jun/2006 DM/TH-167 (Himmelsleiter) DJ3AX/P 11 8 0 240
10/Jun/2006 DM/TH-156 (Koppe) DJ3AX/P 11 8 0 248

46 Point in a Day! Sorry… :slight_smile:

Good luck for you both and take care.

I hope to heard you next saturday.

                       73  DX   Pista  HA5TI

Heck of a challenge, best of luck with it!


G4YSS operating under the call GX0OOO/P did six Lake district summits on 15th March this year, which is a total of 60 points consisting of 42 activator and 18 winter bonus. He operated on 1.8 cw/3.5 cw/3.5 cw/3.5 ssb/7 cw/70 FM and made 225 QSOs. John’s first QSO was just after 00:00z and his last at 20:27z that is some marathon. John would have kept driving to a minimum and we don’t have lifts or ski runs between summits in the UK. According to his details on QRZ John should be using a zimmer frame and have a bus pass but instead he sleeps in snow holes, wrestles grizzly bears in his spare time and eats coal washed down with lava. (Okay I made some of that last bit up).

Regards Steve GW7AAV (Fan of the SOTA Super Goats)

In reply to F5HTR:

All the best of luck Bob and i hope you have a safe trip.


In reply to HA5TI:

Any comparison between associations is not possible.
Each association has its own point scale, and they are very different from one to the other.
(And, of course, SOTA awards are more or less difficult)

How many mountain goats (>1000 pts) ?
in HB : 2
in DL : 0
in DM : 17
in UK : 14
in F : 0

France is a rather young SOTA country but the first mountain goat will be reached in 2012 by F8TMQ… may be !)

Bob, good luck for your challenge! be carefull

73 Alain F6ENO


You underestimate the great G4YSS - it was actually 60 points on that tremendous day in March - 42 + 6x3 = 60.

On that day, John covered 2257m of ascent, and 26.9km of walking distance.

Bob, I wish you well with your 4 x 2500m activation expedition, and hope you enjoy it.


In reply to F6ENO:

Dear Alain, dear Bob,

Please, don’t get annoyed by all those people who don’t know any difference between an alpine 2500m summit and a 900m hill but both being worth 10 points.

Good luck, guys! I would join you immediately…

73 de Dzianis, DD1LD

P.S. My best result has been 5 summits about 2300m activated on 40m in CW. It was a very nice but a very long climbing in the sky after that I needed a couple of days to regenerate.

24/Aug/2007 DL/KW-006 (Noerdl. Linderspitze) – 10p
24/Aug/2007 DL/KW-005 (Suedl. Linderspitze) – 10p
24/Aug/2007 DL/KW-004 (Sulzleklammspitze) -10p
24/Aug/2007 DL/KW-003 (Kirchlespitze) – 10p
24/Aug/2007 OE/TI-293 (Westliche Karwendelspitze) – 10p

Now there are only two summits kept…

In reply to DD1LD:

Dzianis, this was a great expedition ! congratulations !

We’l speak about that in Fried !

73 Alain

In reply to F6ENO:

In reply to HA5TI:

Any comparison between associations is not possible.
Each association has its own point scale, and they are very different
from one to the other.
(And, of course, SOTA awards are more or less difficult)

A very good point, Alain! Whilst the higher alpine peaks have their own special needs and problems, it is worth remembering that a lower summit in another country may be far from easy. A couple of examples from Scotland will illustrate the point: GM/ES-002 (Braeriach, 1296 m) and GM/ES-003 (Cairn Toul 1293 m) are often done as a single walk and would gain a total of 20 points (plus 6 points in winter, of course) but involve a walk of 35 km through wild country and a total ascent of 1580 metres. NS-013 A’Mhaighdean 967 m is even worse, 6 points (+3 in winter) but a round walk in wild country of 43 km!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to M1EYP:

I only did that to see if you were watching ;0)

I actually realised my mistake while typing it but forgot to correct it. I have been working on 12 hour nights and that is typical of how I make errors when I am tired. I have the most admiration for people like John, who can do these things, but pushing yourself to the limits in a dangerous environment like the mountains requires you know your limitations. I hope anyone thinking of attempting what might be called ‘extreme activations’ know theirs.

Good luck and stay safe.
Steve GW7AAV

Hi Bob,

your route looks quite challenging, I wish I were with you, guys!
I hope the weather plays a part, too, anyway I keep my fingers crossed for you!

73 de Dzianis, DD1LD

P.S. Let me correct my P.S. concerning my previous posting.
I just took a look in my diary 2007. There are 5 different summits, but technical 6 ones being worth 10 points each. So, I started alone at the German side and activated

24/Aug/2007 - DL/KW-008 (Westl. Karwendelspitze) – 10p
24/Aug/2007 - DL/KW-006 (Noerdl. Linderspitze) – 10p
24/Aug/2007 - DL/KW-005 (Suedl. Linderspitze) – 10p
24/Aug/2007 - DL/KW-004 (Sulzleklammspitze) – 10p
24/Aug/2007 - DL/KW-003 (Kirchlespitze) – 10p

Then I had a short rest close to the Tiroler Hütte (Austiran side), I felt so good, that I decided to climb via ferrata (degree of difficulty B/C) back, although I planed to descent into the valley like most climbers normally do at that time. Finally I climbed the Westl. Karwendelspitze again, but now from the Austrian side according to the SOTA General Rules and activated the summit as

24/Aug/2007 - OE/TI-293 (Westliche Karwendelspitze) – 10p

gathering altogether 60 alpine points. I was totally whacked… I’m not sure I’ll do it again :slight_smile:

In reply to everybody :

So many reactions in this topic ! That’s great to see that some of us have done big expeditions in the past. Congratulations to HA5TI, G4YSS DD1LD for your challenge ! very nice treck ! that was difficult to find this information in the very rich database.
My idea was to create un file for records in sota, for example :

  • Highest sota
  • Highest total of qso
  • Highest number of sota in a day
  • Highest total of sota points
    I am very young in the SOTA program, my first summit with radio was in dec 08 ! i rapidely understood that it was not possible to compare nationals programs between us.
  • for the highest sota, the ranking is easy to do and the database already give us
  • for the number of qso, idem
  • For the number of sota in a day, we have to create 2 catégories ! a categorie with cars and a green categorie without cars !
  • for the number of sota points it is definitely not interesting at all due to the so big difference between nations.

Anyway, 4 summits over 2500 m and 22 kms walking through Mercantour will give me strengh to beat the DD1LD record of 60 points !
See you tomorrow, I had to go to bed, I must wake up at 03:00 am !

Sota fever…


In reply to all :

Hello sota friend,

Our expedition failed cause wx getting very bad just after second summits, We were in clouds and decie not to continue cause no visibility at all !
The cime du Belletz need a special approch but we decide not to take any risk.
We have done right cause half an hour after thunderstorm and rain was with us !

We were obliged to change route and walk throught snow, big stone wet, small stones, grass ! the return back home was awfull !
15 kms walking, 2 summits at 2520m and 2650m in 12h !

We failed our sota trecking but we are still alive !

thank to all for qso in F/AM-280 and F/AM-258 !

the 4 summits over 2500m is repored to the next year !

best 73


In reply to F5HTR:
Hello, Bob!
You have made a right decision. Always is better to step back and wait to better chance. We cancel our S5/KS tour also about WX and a lot of snow, who is still in Alps from this winter.
I saw yesterday, that we get a new package of snow yesterday. This weather is not very good friend with SOTA fricks.

All the best, Bob, and see you on the band!

In reply to F5HTR:

Sage décision Bob

73 Alain

In reply to F5HTR:

The mountain will still be there for a while yet. Safety first, Good Call.

In reply to F5HTR:

Hi Bob,

There are many reasons why the mountaineers prefer to climb early in the morning. In hot summer days there are often thunderstorms in afternoon or evening. In winter the snow is usually more stable in the morning. Anyway good luck to your ambitious project of many Alpine summits above 2500 m in one day.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL