4-1-2018 ON Tour

4-1-2018 I’m planning to activate some ON/ON summits:

  1. ON/ON-001, 8 points.
  2. ON/ON-009, 8 points.
  3. ON/ON-011, 8 points.
  4. ON/ON-013, 6 points.
  5. ON/ON-010, 8 points.
  6. ON/ON-018, 2 points. ( never activated by me. )

With the winterbonus it would be a total of 55 points.
I will using 30 meter CW with my KX3 and 10 meter mast.
All depending on the weather. Hope to work you.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW


Dr OM Tonnie,
On 60 m I can work you. Please give it a try.
73 de geert pa7zee


Ik vrees dat het met mijn 30 mtr HyEndFed niet zal lukken. Maar ik zal een poging wagen.


today it was a vy wet day. I started at 06:30u in the car to the first summit. And at 19:30u I was back home. After I activated all the 6 summits. The last summit, A la Plate, was a new one for me. I have still 3 unactivated summits in Belgium. That is ON/ON-017, 021 and 029. Maybe I will activate them in a couple of weeks. When the weather is better :slight_smile:
I did not worked on 30 meter. But I worked all QSO’s on 40 meter. Only the first 2 QSO’s I worked on 30 meters. But not many chasers on that band.

I will post my movie when it’s ready.

Thanks all chasers.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW.

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Hi Tonnie
I could only hear you on 2 summits today qsb was very bad at times. I hope to visit Belgium when the weather improves. I have been gathering information from all over for routes and parking anything you can add would be appreciated. (gps track , parking) I always like to try and locate the summit marker, we call them trig points in the UK, but I have not been able to find information on their precise locations.
Hope to catch you on the next one.

Hi Mike,

Feel free to contact me for any question regarding ON summits. on4upATskynet.be

73, Peter ON4UP
ON association manager

Here is a report from yesterday.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW

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