36th Activation of Zugspitz DM/WS-001 today 22 June 2016

The sky is much clearer today so rather than risk leaving my activation of Zugspitz until tomorrow I am gong up there today.

Usual operating style, so long as there is room to spread out a 64 feet long dipole… I will self spot if I can and give 15 mins notice of commencement of activity. My battery is on charge. Unsure how much I used yesterday. I have one 4200 mAH LiFePo4 and it was still showing 13v on load to my FT-817 yesterday after 7 summit activations. I suspect there may not have been much juice left in it.

I expect to do 40m CW>SSB then 30m CW then 20m CW-SSB in that order. I expect to be QRV for 40 minutes at most as I am with my family group.

73 Phil