30m S2S DX test last night

I’m planning another experiment with my 30m quarter-wave vertical with elevated groundplane this evening. I have alerted for 1800 UTC - the same time as @KX0R - who has included 10MHz CW in his alert. I wonder if I can make S2S to Colorado on 30m at this time?

I should have around 90 minutes QRV time available, so I do hope NA SOTA chasers, and hopefully activators will be able to hear me and work me. Of course, all calls from all chasers anywhere in the world will be most welcome.

I know it’s relatively short notice, but anyone else fancy going out to attempt some 30m S2S later?

About to go QRV - CW first.

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Hi Tom,
George @KX0R is currently spotted on 10.113 and I can’t hear a dot from him. Unfortunately the special event station AM70R is working split on this same frequency.
Good luck!
Let us know if you finally succeded.


I’ve never worked a European SOTA activation on 30m from here in Colorado despite having a three element beam on that band. Timing seems a bit inapt. 1800Z is noon straight up here. Not much dx to be had at that hour. Not familiar enough with FT8 to know what it might be able to overcome, but it seems unlikely.

Tuesday 23rd April 2019 - The Cloud G/SP-015

I was starting to decode US stations on 30m FT8 towards the end of my activation around 1930z. None worked though. Maybe I need to try this at a later hour next time.

Anyway, it was a nice way to pass the time between dropping my son off in town and picking him up again. 21 QSOs made - 12 on 30m CW, 7 on 30m FT8 and 2 on 2m FM.

We can maybe set up a mini EU-NA S2S event, focused on 30m CW & FT8. A recent such event we had for EU-VK was very successful, and demonstrated that 30m could be a very useful band. Who would be interested, and what would the best time of day UTC be to have it?

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Hi Tom,
I think so too.
As you will see on the thread Playing with WSPRlite, my recent 30m propagation checking showed it was 22h04 utc when the first W0 station spotted me.
I remember having chased George KX0R from my base station sometimes while he was activating on 30m and it was at a late time. I’ll check my log and let you know date and time of those QSOs.
That’s far too late for me to be out on a summit.
Good luck if you try.


Hi again, Tom,
After checking my log, I’ve chased George KX0R on 30m only once on 25-Nov-2017 at 23h14 utc. It was with my endfed wire in the balcony of the rental appartment in Pamplona and he was activating from W7U/GR-031, which is Utah (W7), not Colorado (W0).
I think it’s clear you’ll have to try it at about 22h-23h utc but I think it may well be possible.



I suggest putting the actual date into the thread title for these events. As it is, this one will always read something like “30m dx test tonight”, which is already not true.
Just to save on nerves…

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Sorted :slight_smile:

Hi Tom

Good effort -
KD1CT was worked by me last month using 30m CW QRP on 15/03/19 at 1836z, it was not far off going dark and I was on CT/BL-017 in Northern Portugal. I’m not sure that Robert would have heard me then if I was operating from the UK at that time in March. I would expect the chances of EU > USA/VE QSOs on 10 MHz occurring to get later as the days lengthen.

73 Phil

Right. That worked, yesterday.

I used to work with a programmer who marked his program listings using a thick permanent pen marker. Each time he received a new listing he would mark it clearly so he would know which printout was the latest listing.

And a pile of such listings would build up behind his desk.

Each was marked “Latest Listing”.

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Tom is this the MM30?


Certainly is Sean. Same idea - quarterwave vertical with elevated groundplane. Using a custom-made centre-piece and extra strong mil-spec green wire from SOTAbeams. Four radials.