30m FT8 DX S2S?

I see the alert for @BV4VR in a few hours. I will set up for 30m FT8 in the hope for a DX S2S.

It is short notice, but I wonder if any other activators would like to also try 30m FT8 around 0800z?

There are also several alerts for 30m CW this morning, so I hope to work some of those too.

Hi Tom,

Decoded you often but only once for three sequences in a row. I could sometimes see a trace on the screen but no decodes. I called you many times but the QSB was deep and I saw no response… At best you were -16 dB.

No sign of any other activators. I think the band was down a bit tonight compared to earlier in the week.


That’s a pity you couldn’t get through Ron, thanks for trying. I am still calling now, but tablet battery on it’s last legs! Have worked VK, JA, VE, 5T and lots of EU so been quite good here.

QSY to 30m CW shortly.

Hi Tom,

I don’t know if I was being badly QRM’d - the program will decode 2 signals on essentially the same freq if they are not the same strength - and I did try moving frequency 3 times. It was most likely just the QSB which has been dreadful. No amount of code will recover a signal that isnt there.

I was running 75 W to a non resonant wire (via a remote ATU) as dipole has a feeder fault.


VK3FT was a very easy and straightforward contact, and he was a strong presence on the band activity window throughout the hours I was operating. 60 QSOs made:

30m FT8: 43
(5T, CT, DL, EA, EU, F, G, HA, HB, JA, LA, LX, LY, OK, OZ, RA, S5, SM, SP, SV, VE, VK - 5 continents: EU, NA, AF, AS, OC)

30m CW: 12
(S2S: DL/HB9EKO/P on DM/BW-235, IK2LEY/P on I/LO-197, HB9AFI/P on HB/VS-240)

2m FM: 5

Nice morning’s radio. Warm and sunny but quite breezy. Running 5 watts to my homemade 30m vertical with elevated groundplane for HF, HT with rubber duck for VHF!


Five continents on one band and in a mode anyone could use. Nice.

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Yeah I was pleased with that Andy but I must admit to spending a while calling “CQ SA” for a while after getting to that stage!

I’ve still never worked Antarctica…