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300Hz 455KHz 7-pole CW Collins filter and FT-857D

Hi Guy’s
I purchased a 300Hz 455KHz 7-pole CW Collins filter for my FT-857D, but it does not work and is not recognized by the transceiver (which keeps showing Filter 1). I also own a FT-817ND fitted with 500Hz Yaesu filter.
I installed this 500Hz filter inside the FT-857D and it works perfectly, it is recognized and the rig shows 500Hz.
On the other end, I installed the 300Hz Inrad filter inside the FT-817ND, it works fine.
Could you please explain why the Inrad 300Hz filter is not recognized and does not work with the FT-857D ?
Thank you in advance and best regards.
Laurent F8BBL

In reply to F8BBL:
Hi Laurent
Just in case you have not tried the obvious, this information is from the handbook. Try selecting the filter from menu no 86 as it says below, and then the radios “multi function row” on the front of the radio.

To use the optional filter, press the [B](2.3, 500, or 300)
key (in Multi Function Row “n”) to activate the optional
filter which is installed in the “FIL-1” slot. Press the [C](2.3,
500, or 300) key (in Multi Function Row “n”) to activate
the optional filter which is installed in the “FIL-2” slot.

If you wish to use the optional filter for the TX IF
filter while operating in the SSB mode, change the setting
of Menu Mode No-086 [TX IF FILTER] to “FIL1” or “FIL2”
(the slot into which you installed the optional YF-122S filter).

Hope this helps
Mike G0HIO

In reply to G0HIO:
Hi Mike
Thanks you very much
I do that but the cw filter is not recognized :!
so, it’s ok in the FT817 !
73 laurent F8BBL

In reply to F8BBL: I found exactly the same when moving an INRAD 300Hz filter from my FT817 to an FT857. I asked INRAD about this, who said that the 857/897 filters will work in the 817, but the 817 filters won’t work in the 857/897 as the latter require additional components on the filter board for the XCVR to recognise the bandwidth of the filter. The actual Collins filters are the same, and INRAD can supply a suitable board, with the additional components (I assume already mounted) and leave you to move the filter to the new board.

Hope this is of use to you.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN/M0DFA

In reply to F8BBL: I have just imported a 300Hz filter for my FT857 from Inrad. It has four minute SMDs between some of the sockets (the ones connected to earth on the '817 filter) and the ground plane. Plug it in and the read-out does what the handbook says.
The cost was $125 plus shipping costs of $28.25. Add to that the VAT charge of £13.72 and Parcelforce’s clearance fee of £8.00 and the total cost comes to about £114, depending on the actual exchange rate used.
Hope this is of use to some of you.
73s de Dave, G6DTN/M0DFA