30,000 chaser points

Just noticed that Mike has achieved his final chaser target of 30,000 points. Well done and good luck with your “retirement” from SOTA chasing. If he does as well with his fishing, all the rivers will soon be empty…



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Congratulations Mike. A magnificent achievement.


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Dont forget his caravaning, thought he might have done a final summit activation to get his 30,000 points, in sure nw-040 was close to ross-on-sea. hope all the fish know what they are up against, steve m0sgb

Congratulations Mike. Are you sure we can’t interest you in 50000?

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I am certain that there are enough of us on here to persuade GW0DSP to set that target and give him the points from all our activations!!

Well Done Mike but as you know when one target achieved you must set your goals higher and to coin a phrase you told to me recently 'There’s no Show without Punch!!!



Great to hear you’ve achieved your target of 30000 chaser points Mike and glad to have been able to give you some of them along the way! Many are the occasions on which you’ve helped us out when we’ve been struggling to get the needed QSOs and your dedication has been much appreciated. Hope to catch you on the air again soon.


Rick (M0RCP), Thomas (M3OOL), Barbara and Alice.

Congratulations Mike. I hope to hear you from time to time, not because of the points, simply only because its fun for you.

73, Jörg DL5KD

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Indeed, congratulations, Mike. Its always a pleasure to work you to/from a summit.

What a lovely thread - it reminds me that the magnanimous sprit of SOTA is still going strong. Harkens back to “The Amateur’s Code”:

I hope to work you off some more yet, Mike.


Dave M0MYA.

Well done to Mike GW0DSP (I hope he can get to read this).

I can’t see you retiring yet though Mike - why should you? If I was on 30000 I would want to stay as “Top Chaser”, although trying to stay top must be very tieing and not something that I could or would want to do. So you may feel it is time to hand the mantle over to someone else. Life goes on with or without SOTA and nothing stays the same forever…

73 and heres to many more QSOs with you either from SOTAs or from home!

Phil G4OBK

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Well done, Mike…I would back you to be first to 100K, the Hypersloth!


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Mike,

I reckon you should now aim for 50k. Always good to work you. Excellent acheivement.