3 videos of my first SOTA activation

After a few years of chasing SOTA, I finally did some activation last month. I activated three mountains in Germany on holiday. It was a very good experience !
You can see the videos on my youtube channel, three videos from my SOTA activations. The videos have no sound.

01-05-2012:DL/PA9CW/Pactivated DM/RP-001Hohe Acht.
03-05-2012:DL/PA9CW/Pactivated DM/RP-007Hochkelberg.
04-05-2012:DL/PA9CW/Pactivated DM/RP-002Ernst Berg.

In reply to PA9CW:
My latest SOTA Tour in Belgium 07-08-2014.
I activated four summits in one day. It was a vy nice and sunny day. I drove at 10:00 local time to Belgium. I activated my first summit at about 12:30 local time. My latest summit was activated at about 18:30 local time. The Tour ended at about 21:30 local time.

This time with some audio from the QSO’s.

Tonnie, PA9CW.