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3 Days SOTA trip

Hello Friends.
I’ll activate few summits in 3 days. Of course depending WX.

Monday 23rd July 2012.

  • F/AM-704: La Cime Voga in the evening, i’ll be QRV 10 and 14 Mhz … Hello USA !
  • F/AM-144: Cime de la Bonette … later, much later. I’ll be on APRS f5lkw-7 but get ears on 10 and 14 Mhz … Hi USA !

Sleeping somewhere in the mountain.

Tuesday 24th July 2012.

  • F/AM-145: Le Mourre Haut
  • F/AM-180: Le Jas du Chamois
  • F/AM-170: L’Empéloutier
  • F/AM-202: Le Gerbier
    Starting to climb very early in the morning, then keep your ears on the air.
    APRS of course, if it works … f5lkw-7

Sleeping somewhere else in the mountain

Wednesday 25th July 2012.

  • F/AM-166: Le Caïre Brun
  • F/AM-137: Le Chevalier
  • F/AM-194: Alpe verdun

Please. You have to listen the right reference because i may go via another way. Depending WX, and myself.
C U soon.
Roger F5LKW

If anyone wants to come with me. WELCOME !


In reply to F5LKW:
Because of the very strong wind and rain coming i could not climb on top of F/AM-160. Later, i meet Roger on F/AM-704 and we had a couple of QSO on 10Mhz
Then we went down this summit to reach the very easy summit F/AM-144, we coul appreciate a wonderfull sunrise (red sky) while having few Qso.
I had to go back home and Roger stayed at about 2800m over the sea level for the night… good night Roger!
He will be this morning around 09:00 active on some other summit in this aera.
73 from Gérald F6HBI

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