3 days of SOTA

hi all,
from sunday 16.Sep to 18.sep i´m agn on sota-tour. will do a few summits around DM/BW-001 . All activations with qrp-power :wink: on 30m-cw,40m-cw/ssb,20m-ssb.In the mornig and afternoon hours also on 80m-cw.I will spotlite before every summit.

hope to see some of you on the summits …

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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hello Klaus, hope to copy you on your sota tour! thank’s for all enjoye activations
best regards
f5nep Lionel

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Hi Lionel,
think to copy your signals is no problem.most times u have big 599 :wink:
but next 3 days i haven´t my big antennas with me,because i will do a few summits
and walk a few kilometers :wink:
i will use a new build antenna with only 2 times 13m and 5 meters symetric feeder with automatic tuner ( hope antenna works also on 80m ).this antenna is a lightweight and the mast is a very short 5m rod. so antenna is only 3 to 5 meters up.will use 5watts in cw and 10 to 15 watts in ssb . hope new antenna will do the job :wink:

hpe cu … vy 73 Klaus

Hi all,
tmrw i´m not on tour . staying at home, because wx-forecast not good.
think at wednesday agn on tour…
anybody knows the callsign from the station who works me after G1INK on 40m-ssb on DM/BW-062 ? i became my report in 3 times, but no callsign :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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tmrw wx will be better agn. so i drive a longer way to near the city of Ulm in the east part of the swabian-alps. will go early in the mornig and try to activate 4 uniques there. DM/BW-205,207,208 es 200. and tmrw i will use a new short antenna with 2x7.5m (vertical or inv.V), optimized for 30m !. think i use only 30 and 40m , if i can tune this antenna as a “T” i will do also 80m. sorry for limited antenna,but i can build up this one very fast, and due to the long way in that area,i want to activate all 4 summits. Therefore i do next week another tour in black-forest with my 2x26m doublet and higher mast. so 80m will be no problem next week.

vy 73 es cu - Klaus DF2GN

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I shall look forward to working you on 30m tomorrow Klaus, (until 1300 UTC)where your signals are always very good.

I shall then be travelling down to my daughters house in Cornwall for a week where I only have a 6’ indoor vert antenna, but I hope to QSO on 30m as G4SSH/A

73 Roy G4SSH

P.S. My flight takes me over GW and I am very tempted to take along a 2m H/H to chase a few SOTA’s from 17,000 feet but I think I would be in big trouble with the flight crew Hi !!

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hello Klaus
y have a good copy of your signal on 40m, but nothing in 30m on your “sota tour” hi hi
perhaps it’s due to propagation. With you small antenna the signal was as good as usually in 40M, it’s running very well. Thank’s for QSO, and the new sota DM/BW
see you later with good pleasure
best regards