2nd Annual Southern Appalachian SOTA group event

Giving an announcement on the 2nd annual Labor Day Weekend event 3-5 September 2016. We will be recognizing chaser and activators on achievements you have accomplished . I think last year was lots of fun for the people that got involved with it. The achievements on getting a certificate is as follows Chasers working 3 different associations on HF and/or VHF/UHF bands. Activators working 3 S2S’s (summit to summit) on HF and/or VHF/UHF bands. You can choose what day you want to go out and maybe coordinate with others to increase the chances of S2S’s (s2s’s open to all summits) This event is to encourage people in the southern Appalachian mountains to be radio active on SOTA and chances for the world to be able to chase or activate the Southern Appalachian Mountains. . No later than Sept 15th I need a log entries you have achieved the challenge send email to ac4m (at) live.com