2m psk activation - 29th August 2014 1900uk/1800z

The next 2m PSK evening is tomorrow (Friday 29th August 2014 @ 1900BST / 1800z) and I will be activating Bardon Hill (G/CE-004) on 144.138MHz +1000Hz.

Be good if we could get some activity on the waterfall - maybe I’ll see you there! :slight_smile:

Best 73’s,


Hi Rob

Good to work you on PSK31 from Shrewsbury to G-CE-004 last night - I’ve not done much PSK but your message inspired me to get the setup working again. Apologies for my rustyness in using DigiPan


No worries Steve, it was great to work you from a very grey and windy Bardon Hill.

I’m using fldigi and I use it a LOT on HF. There’s still loads of times when the damn thing seems to send stuff I don’t want it to and stopping it is a panic affair! On top of that the ‘user error’ rate seems to grow dramatically when on a summit, cold hands being just one of the many reasons.

Best 73 and I look forward to the next time…


Hi Rob,
Heard and called you quite a few times last night for my first rather rusty foray on to PSK on 2m. Worked a station in the Forest if Dean but did not make it to you. Was running about a watt from an Ft-817 into either a 9 ele horizontal Tonna, or my vertical collinear. You were quite a good signal here,as were some of the stations you worked. What is the set-up at your end? We may have been cross polarised, which would not have helped.
Next time maybe.
Thanks for the initiative.

Hi Frank,

Shame I couldn’t hear you. I was running 25w into a 5 element yagi. I was horizontal before 1850z and vertical after.

I’m hoping it’s the power that made the difference, but you’re far from the first to say you heard me and I didn’t hear you.

Time for some tuning I think,