2m multimode tonight

There will be lots of activity and a lots of modes to choose from for VHF fans tonight. The 2m UKAC starting at 8pm BST / 1900z is preceded by the 2m MGMAC and the 2m FMAC.

So from 1800 to 1855z, there will be lots of FT8 and FM on 2m, while after 1900z, there will be a huge amount of SSB, and a smattering of CW. We won’t need to annoy Brian with mode-fascism tonight - there will be something for everyone!

Although I am the only alert so far indicated, I would expect there to be two or three other summits activated this evening; there often is on the 2m nights. Also, don’t forget the several other SOTA participants who will be QRV but not from a summit - they would still appreciate a call.

What are the chances of making it tonight?
I will keep an eye open for a suitable (ie large) plane so I can have a chance at hearing you - conditions are not good though, we should have played no later than Sunday!!

Tempted, but it’s raining here (again). I’ll keep a weather eye out :wink:

Cold and hailing here…I shall spend the evening at the local radio club instead.

Hi Tom

I will stay in the comfort of my warm shack and see what I can work on FT8 on 144.174 MHz from 1800-1855z.

Looking out for you Tom - with my 7 elements and 50 watts of power. This will be my first 2m MGM contest. I may just pick up a SOTA point from your office to add to what I accrued today on HF…

de Phil G4OBK

on my screen now and in the log…

Todays QSOs - thanks to Tom and Don from the SOTA Community for boosting the score:

ODX was GM0EWX IO67 - Portree Isle of Skye, but we worked outside of the contest.

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Not on for long, but I did test out my portable system from the club car park before the meeting.
Seemed to work OK, so looking forward to next month when I should be on a SOTA.
I may even have worked Tom.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019 - The Cloud G/SP-015

A bit of light snow in the first hour. Otherwise no precipitation and only light winds - but bitterly cold for April.

102 contacts, all 2m

FT8: 11
SSB: 87
CW: 0
FM: 3
C4FM: 1

So five modes attempted, QSOs achieved on four of them.


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Despite trying many times we just didn’t make it :cry:

I need Louis and the Boys to come round and help find whoever it is generates broadband qrm due south of me, and eliminate it - lovely and quiet until 1930 UTC then S9 plus hash for the remainder of the contest.
Tom’s little signal didn’t stand a chance.

I took a small part using FT8 with 6 contacts using a 7 element beam inside my attic with 50w. Giving away my Square IO72. Stations worked were…


73’ Don

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New signage was up on The Cloud last night detailing the newly permitted usage for mountain bikes up there. Until very recently, cycling on The Cloud was entirely forbidden, but arrangements are now in place allowing it. It is a very specifically defined route - and direction - though, and it looks like you have to be a member of Congleton Mountain Bike Club, who have a club licence to cycle on The Cloud.

Hi Tom,

I was torn between Shining Tor and Win Hill, in the end Win Hill won it thanks to a late finish at work. It was probably just as well - lots of snow & ice around, in-between the rain and hail.

I only stayed up there for the FMAC, as the dark threatening clouds were getting closer and I did not fancy being stuck in more hail and lightning.

Shining Tor next week for the 70cm FMAC. Hope to catch you S2S.

73, Simon